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Jan 18, 2005 01:47 PM

Dimas European Bakery in Rego Park?

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I just jumped off the V train at 63rd Drive recently hoping to pick up some yummy pretty pastries at the Dimas European Bakery in Rego Park just off of Queens Blvd, and it's gone! There's a kosher bakery in its place...did anyone else like Dimas?
I didn't bother to look, I was so upset, but does the new kosher have any nice pastries in there?
I'm also a big fan of Cake Box in Bay Terrace. Grew up on their chocolate fudge cake.

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  1. Dima's was okay about 15 years ago, when it had the original owners---although everything they made was loaded with rum-------but extremely lovely people who moved on quite awhile ago--it was then taken over by a Spanish couple, and it was never the same anymore, they were trying to sell the place for awhile, and now it's russian owned, and kosher, and not very good--tried a few things, and not worth the trip from anywhere unfortunately..too bad, as there is no good kosher bakery in the vicinity, and even the place on 63rd rd closed a couple months ago--they at least had decent whipped cream eclairs---rego park, forest hills needs a really great kosher bakery--the place on 108th street is lousy also---Andre's is great for rugeluch, and strudel, and that's it for the neighborhood---------

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      Thanks for the history of Dima's - I had wondered about it. Sorry to see it go; the little girl who served was very nice too. I won't even dignify Jay Dee's - that place is a joke. Such surly service in there.
      Andre's definitely does have great strudel and rugelach. Bonelle on Ascan isn't bad - croissants are great. On Metropolitan, the Italian "Dolce something" place is quite good.
      Thanks for the info!

      1. re: Sweet Tooth

        I don't think it is Kosher, but there is a great European bakery in Sunnyside on Greenpoint ave and 40th St called Nita's. The pastries are beautiful and most of the ones I have tried are very good. I know it isn't within walking distance but you could hop on the train or bus if needed.

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          Good to know thanks for the for la dolce italia on 104-05 metropolit, yes, it is pretty good, and they actually have the best black and white cookies---and he will make fresh to order strawberry shortcake like veniero's with fresh strawberries, and not the jam...nice owner, who trained with Bruno from Bruno bakery in the city..just watch out for the surly old woman he hired--just deal with him if you need to special order--he also makes a good mousse cake--his rugelach isn't very good though...but next to Andre's nobody's is!

          1. re: Janie

            Thanks for the black & white cookie tip at Dolce Italia! Will try!
            Will try the mousse cake too; I've been eyeing the chocolate fudge cake there but am afraid it won't measure up to Cake Box in Bay Terrace. But I should just give it a shot.

            1. re: Sweet Tooth

              had the chocolate fudge cake, not good--maybe for a kids party, but not adults--no subtlety, and not really good decadence either, kinda eh.....

              The mouse cake that's vanilla/chocolate is very good--and you can also ask him to make you a special tart too. He was making key lime tarts like Bruno, but then he stopped because noone was buying them, but I've special ordered them, and they're great--just like Bruno's at half the price.

              He also makes a very good tiramisu cake as well.

    2. Hello Everyone
      My name is George
      I thought it would be nice to give everyone a small amount of history on Dimas bakery
      it opened in the 30s and my dads uncle bought it sometime in the 70s and named it Dimas after himself and my uncle Nelu worked there for about 10 years then took over sometime around 1982 my parents bought the bakery from my uncle Nelu in 1992 we owned the bakery for just a little over a year then decided it was time to move on to the west coast for a simpler life away from the crowds of ny city.
      they sold the bakery to the spanish man carlos that worked in the bakery with my parents
      that was most likely the end of Dimas as we knew it.
      I can still remember the smell of the bakery sweet and cozy i was 5 years old when my parents owned it
      my favorite pastry was the savarina the pastry with strawberries and whipped cream drenched in rum. yummmm!!!
      haven't been back to ny since 93 but hope to one day.
      maybe we can straighten those new owners into shape!! lol
      hope yall can read my typing its not the best.

      George M

      below is a picture of a savarina
      of course the ones at the bakery where 100 times better!!

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      1. re: Mocan50

        Hi George, we lived down the street from the bakery for many years, and once you sold it, it went downhill pretty quickly. We moved out of that area about 7 years ago, but it hasn't been a bakery for a long time. We used to enjoy your pastries quite a bit, especially the ones with rum! There aren't too many Romanian style bakeries around like that anymore...glad to hear your're well, former neighbors and customers!

        1. re: janie

          Hello all,

          This was very nice to see; I just signed up here after having posted about the loss of Dimas Bakery back in 2005! Nice to know the history of the bakery! I just walked past it the other day and shook my head in woe. I don't think there is anything there now; the kosher bakery that followed it didn't last long. Ah well. There is a dearth of bakeries that do any rum-soaked pastries. The Dolce Italia does do baba au rum I think.
          George, your family did well to move to a quieter place; 63rd Drive has gotten more and more crowded with the addition of a new mall that has a Costco, Kohl's, Century 21 and other stores. Too busy.
          Be well!