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Jan 16, 2005 10:46 AM

new sushi D in ft greene on dekalb - anyone?

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walked by this new restaurant. it was almost completely empty except for a couple paying.

i think it's called Sushi D or something.t here was
a mini write up in time out ny which i did not bother to read.

anyone have a report?

it's on dekalb at the opposite end of the street
on which madiba is on. is that adelphi or carlton, i think.

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  1. Some reports from late November, mostly positive ...


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    1. re: squid-kun

      thanks, tried searching but couldn't find anything on this place.

      1. re: ltjbukem

        the posts are here:

        Friends at Pratt took me here when it first opened-loved it. The rolls are fresh and new (fire, greene, the "D" roll). Service was friendly and FUN (for those who've been, you know what I'm talking about). Last time I was there, (early Jan) they didn't have their liquor license yet, so be sure to take advantage of BYO (great for us poor college kids).
        PS they were actually playing some ltjbukem last time i was there

        Good eats

    2. I ate Sushi D about a month ago and it was great. The food was wonderful and the service was spectacular. The Rock Shrimp was comparable to Nobu. Seriously!!! The restaurant is really cute and very clean. Prices are not expensive at all. I highly recommend this place.

      1. I'm surprised it was that empty--was it particularly cold that night? My husband and I have been 3-4 times (weeknights) and each time it was at least half-filled. Good sushi--better than One Greene, AND they deliver!

        1. You gotta know when to go to Sushi D. Recently, a Nobu chef has been working there on fri/sat nights, and has come up with some creative appetizers. The beef negimaki is better than most places. It all depends what you're looking for. Taro, of course, can't be beat in terms of sushi and sashimi. But some of the maki at Sushi D is done very well and set at very affordable prices, if you just want to fill up.
          I love ordering dishes such as their cold spinach or steamed watercress. The appetizers there will surprise you. Go when it's not crowded, or your meal could take a while, especially if it involves sushi.

          1. Do you know if the chefs name is Andy Yang. Andy I heard left Nouvelle a while back, if so please let me know if that is him working there. Andy was the executive chef at Nobu, and created some delicious dishes at Nouvelle in Bay Ridge.

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            1. re: irvingk

              are you sure you are straight on this, and not thinking of the chef (Joe Ng) who recently left World Tong for a gig in Manhattan?

              1. re: jen kalb

                Jen. I am not sure of this, I am only trying to find out where Andy Yang went. He is a really great chef.

                1. re: irvingk

                  Irving, are you sure he left Nouvelle?