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Jun 7, 2003 08:14 PM

East Coast transplant looking for clambake location

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I was wondering if anybody has ever hosted/been to a clambake here in Northern California. Do you know of any "clambake friendly" beaches? Any help/tips would be great.

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  1. Isn't a clam bake a misnomer for a steamers and beer party on the beach with assorted raw oysters as well? At least that's what I remember during my summers in New England. I wonder what a baked clam would be like? Maybe it could be prepared like oysters Rockefeller.

    Anyway, I look forward to finding out if there are any clam bake friendly beaches around the area.

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      Melanie Wong

      Between now and August, weather's pretty blustery for beach going (and don't forget how cold the Pacific is!). But come September (back to an 'R' month), I think I want to check out the set up at Hog Island Oysters.


    2. There may be clam-friendly beaches out here, but they're not bare-leg friendly. Wouldn't we all look silly wearing wetsuits under our clamdiggers?

      1. My family has been clamming in Bolinas for 5 generations. The clam beds are located between Brighton Beach downtown and Duxbury Reef. Look in a tide book for a minus tide and make time adjustments for the low tide since the tides are based on The Golden Gate. Make sure you have a license, I think the limit is 50 and have a clam ring to measure. The clam beds out there are very rocky, have a spade hoe with a long handle and a strong back. It's hard work, but well worth it if you like clams. Most people don't go down to that part of the beach, so you shouldn't be hassled by anyone if you chose to have a clambake on the beach. It's not normally done out here, but give it a try. Oh, one other thing, we always eat clams during the summer months and no one has ever gotten sick and you may just luck out on the weather, it can be beautiful.

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          It may be a little too far out for you, but Monastary beach in Carmel is definitely clambake friendly. I see shivering tourists huddled around a fire several times a month at a commercially run clambake there. I myself orefer to do my clambakes indoors. A charity that I am affiliated is planning a major clambake in August, in Monterey with the only concession to Californians being that we won't use Ipswich clams.

        2. The original comment has been removed