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Jan 9, 2005 09:14 AM

Rego Park recommendations?

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My husband and I are moving to Rego Park--any restaurant/take-out recommendations?

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  1. Hi Jennifer, welcome to the neighborhood, someone just asked yesterday about the Bukharian places, so see link for my detailed answer for this:

    In regards to other stuff, place to get bagels and such would be Bagelette, on 63rd Rd, near 98th street, very fresh, good--kosher....Rego Pita is lousy, opened recently near Platinum gym on QB, don't go--you can walk aways down past 66th ave to Habait Pita House, for decent falafel, but nowhere near as good as Hapisgah in Kew Garden Hills---for Sushi, Mickey's has a kinda funky atmosphere but it's quite good--near 67th ave---alot of people still like Ben's Best Deli on QB--I don't particulary care for it, I do to a great deli New Hyde Park instead, but it's good in a pinch--try it and see what you think---
    The columbian chicken place on 63rd drive on north side of QB, isn't too bad, and very inexpensive--they have good green sauce-------for much better Peruvan chicken though, go to the Woodhaven branch of Pio Pio, for great chicken with hot green sauce, and avocado salad---------well, there's a start---looking for pizza? Forget it, head to Nick's in Forest Hills, or Corona to Corona Pizza--------Oh, one more good one--J&D Pizzarea on 63rd Rd near to 99th street, it looks like a pizza joint, but they actually have great chicken parm, and pastas---it's a real neighborhood place, portions are huge, so you can easily share---we eat there all the time when I don't feel like cooking---they'll make things for you however you want them...not wild about their pizza, but their italian food is just right........

    Other than that....alot of Bukharian kebab type places which I mentioned in the link above---No good chinese in Rego Park--the place Tung Shing used to be decent, but I won't eat there anymore---I head to Flushing--for Indian, there a couple places, but never hear anything good about them--for Turkish, there's a place Turquoise on QB across street from Sears which is supposed to be good, but I do to Hemsin in Sunnyside for Turkish, so haven't tried this place------but, I would try it---for grocery shopping, I hope you have a car, and head to the brand new Stop and Shop on Union Turnpike in Forest Hills/Glendale, otherwise you're left at the mercy of poorly stocked filthy Queens grocery stores.......

    Hope this helps---Rego Park has its moments, but it could definitely use some more variety and quality in its food......oh, one more place you should know about, for middle eastern groceries, go to Carmel Foods on 108th st, off of 64th ave--the best on the block---------

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      Thanks so much for the information! Another poster had indicated Ben's Best Deli has great matzoh ball soup so I went there today and was not impressed with their soup or tuna fish but the corned beef was quite good. Look forward to trying different places--I moved from Forest Hills which has a lot of restaurants but not many good ones tho' we did like the Thai place on Metropolitan next to Dee's as well as Dee's.

      1. re: Jennifer

        The matzoh ball soup at Ben's used to be quite good, but I don't know what happened, it changed about a year or so ago. I complained several times, and still no fix for it...the matzoh ball is hard as a rock, and in the center, it seems to have some gummy texture which is not good at all-----the matzoh ball soup at Deli King in New Hyde Park is much better---

        There is a kosher place called Tov that is a few door down from the bagelette, they sell matzoh balls, and you can buy the broth in their fridge I think for takeout--they have kosher takeout stuff---it's kinda a throwback, and so are the people who shop there, but it's decent for cucumber salad, coleslaw, potato salad, and stuffed's russian owned now--check them out and see what you think, the rotisserie chicken is okay, but I much prefer non kosher Peruvian rotissarie, or the other place, the Columbian chicken place I mentioned.........but the sides are okay when you need this sort of thing......

        I never cared so much for Dee's as I found their sauce to be quite sweet tasting---and as for Thai, I head to Srip in Woodside---there are two thai places on QB in Rego Park, but I haven't been ,and haven't heard anything specifically good about either one, but you might want to try it---Also, there is the Howard Zhou place that is on 63rd drive near the Columbian chicken place, a couple posters on this board like their dumplings and a few dishes, my husband and I ate there a couple times and weren't impressed by anything----

        1. re: Jennifer

          I second that Ben's best is the best!!!!!

        2. re: Janie

          I think Janie summed it up quite accurately.
          Only thing I would add is the Indian (Bangladeshi, really) place on Queens Blvd opposite Sears. The name escapes me now, it is called "Raj..." something.
          The food is not spectacular, but imo better than most of the Indian places you'd find in Jackson Heights like Jackson Diner or Delhi Palace.

          1. re: Janie

            Istanbul 95-36 QB is quite good, I love their chicken and lamb combo sandwich w/shepards salad.

          2. Chinese food in Rego Park is delicious at Mr. Tong's on Queens blvd next to the Rego park Jewish Center. Even their low-priced lunches are better than average and that's amazing for prices of 5 or 6 dollars. Chicken, beef, or pork with stringbeans is great. Sol is twice-cooked pork or pork chops Peking style. Hot and sour soup for two at 4.50 is another favorite. Fresh carp belly in brown sauce and a dish of mushrooms with baby bok choy or Chinese broccoli plus brown rice plus the H&S soup comes in at about $30 for two people and you'll take home enough left overs to be your dinner. Aside from the reasonable price, the food is always good and most often it's really delicious. They do deliver, but it's best to eat in the restaurant .

            1. Very good dim sum is available in Forest Hills at the East Ocean Palace on Queens Blvd and 75th next to the Sam Ash store and opposite P C Richards. Loads of fresh fish in the Hong Kong style tanks along with huge crabs, lobsters of varying size and live shrimp. Prices vary from inexpensive lunches to fairly expensive crustaceans, but not out of line with comparable Chinese restaurants.

                1. re: Miss Needle

                  Hi Miss Needle,

                  Been busy working, but I was curious about this place. What do you recommend here?

                  1. re: designerboy01

                    Hi, nice to see you on the boards again.

                    I like the strudels and danishes. Just wanted to warn you that the danishes are not of the light and flaky variety but more on the heavy side. There's also a location on the Upper East Side as well if that's more convenient for you.

                      1. re: designerboy01

                        also the lemon cheese puff (tall round pastry, confectioners sugar on top, slightly sour cheese), so damn good. reg. croissants are not so good but their pan au chocolat is great. and of course, janie knows what she is talkin about; rugelach all the way; I always pick up a pound or two for potlucks/parties and it always kills.

                    1. I grew up in Rego Park/Middle Village. My parents still live there, and we were just out there to visit for the holidays. We had some great meals there!
                      We got pastrami sandwiches, latkes, and chopped chicken livers at Ben's Best----all very good. Only mistake was ordering one of the sandwiches extra lean---good if you're looking for a healthier choice, but if calories are no object, go with the much more flavorful regular.
                      Golden Harbor for great take-out Chinese. It's on 63rd Avenue between 82 Place and Dry Harbor Road in Middle Village. We love their roast pork lo mein, as well as their roast pork and eggplant in garlic sauce.
                      Istanbul on Queens Blvd. near 63rd Drive has wonderful food. The cold appetizer plate has a delicious array of salads, hummus, tabbouleh, babba ganoush, etc. Comes with tasty fresh bread, If you really like lamb, order the gyro---very, very tasty.
                      Next to Istanbul is our favorite Rego Park restaurant---Tangra Wok. They call it "Asian Fusion", but it's mainly Indo-Chinese. Be sure to get the Cauliflower (Gobi) Manchurian. And the hot & spicy shrimp is AWESOME! We ordered both from the menu, then returned a day later for the lunch buffet. Buffet was very inexpensive, and everything was very tasty. We especially liked the fried chicken dumplings.
                      Raj Gate, mentioned by another poster, appears to have gone out of business. I went there last year and was very unimpressed, so I'd consider it no great loss.
                      Bagelettte Bagels are the best bagels---especially the mini bagels that have the perfectly chewy texture I remember from my childhood!
                      Finally, JB Market on 63rd Drive has some wonderful Asian groceries. We're especially fond of the frozen dumplings they sell.
                      Finally, for pizza and Italian take-out, I'd go to Leone's on Cooper Ave. (near the Atlas Park mall). Great eggplant rolatini!

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                      1. re: Anne

                        FYI Leone's is in Glendale. And Golden Harbor does have great food

                        1. re: howster

                          what do you like at Golden Harbor, when I tried it about a year ago, it was uniformly lousy.

                          1. re: janie

                            As I mentioned above, we like their roast pork lo mein, as well as their roast pork and eggplant in garlic sauce. Cold sesame noodles are also good.

                          2. re: howster

                            I had shrimp lomein ,egg rolls , their soups egg fo young genral cho chicken , plus other food. it was good everytime I tried them

                            1. re: howster

                              Cheburechnaya is an excellent Uzbek place. Incredible kebabs. Get the lamb rib, the liver and the lamb fat. And the Chebureki and Manti are also amazing.