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Burgers in Astoria

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My boyfriend just moved to Ditmars from the West Village. We used to go to Chumleys and Corner Bistro when he was over there and are looking to replicate the experience in his new nabe. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. while no corner bistro, the jackson hole diner on astoria blvd. has some damn good burgers.

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    1. re: Bill

      I have to second that, and when you ask for a medium rare burger, you get a medium rare burger.

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        There's a place called Sunswick on 35th and 33rd? near the studios. Good burgers.

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        Jackson Hole could be the best in the entire city

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        Bob Martinez

        You may want to try the Bel Aire diner at 21st Ave and Broadway. The Daily News voted it best diner in the city back in 2003.

        As for Jackson Hole (aka Airline Diner), it's worth checking out for the classic diner vibe. The burgers, while enormous, are a disappointment. They put an aluminum dome over them on the grill to get them to cook faster. Unfortunately, they taste more steamed than grilled.

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          It's actually 21st Street, not 21st Avenue.

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            Agreed about Jackson Hole. The burgers are just too big and wet. I like a burger with a nice char on it.

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              Haha, I've seen that banner in front of the diner but never knew how recent it was. Does it live up to the award?

              also the aluminum dome is a classic method used by some of the best burger places I have been. It keeps it very moist. I see no problem to that method at all.

            2. My favorite burgers are at the Neptune Diner.

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              1. There's a bar called McCann's, I think, that's located on Ditmars close to 36th St. They make a decent burger.

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                  McCann's is a good choice. Also a great place to watch the game if you can get a seat. Otherwise there is no place to stand.

                2. The burger at the Waterfront Crabhouse in Long Island City on Borden Ave is great. McReilly's on Vernon Blvd. and 45th St. serve great hamburgers and food too.

                  1. hey, chowlad...

                    i doubt you'll have much luck trying to recreate the bistro burger experience in astoria, but there are some good burgers...

                    the best diner burgers that i've tried can be found at neptune's and michael's...mike's used to be good but has fallen off, and bel aire's i've tried once and was kinda nasty...oh...and believe it or not, the much-maligned cup diner serves up a pretty noteworthy burger -- although, i'm inclined to believe that the rest of the criticism the place receives here is deserved...

                    as far as bar burgers go, i think the burger at sunswick is particularly tasty...they're a little smallish, but the quality and great beer selection more than make up for that, imo...the mccann's burger has all the earmarks of a great one..but alas, it's only pretty good...it's right on ditmars, though...so, you might wanna give it a try...go on a tuesday...last time i checked, they had a $10 beer/burger special going on on tuesdays...

                    of course, if you have a car, just take a little cruise on over to donovan's in woodside for a burger that surpasses even the corner bistro's offerings...and although i've never been to chumley's, i'll put my money on donovan's to beat them, too :)


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                      Yeah, I used to live in Chelsea and walk down to Corner Bistro for a burger (chumley's for a drink, usually not a burger however!!) but now living in Astoria I find that you're much better served with Greek, Italian, Thai, Indian food in the neighborhood than with burgers. But if you want to surpass Corner Bistro do go over to Roosevelt and check out Donovan's.

                      57-24 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

                    2. I'm sorry, but I think that the corner Bistro is overrated... I'd take PJ Horigan's in Sunnyside and Donovan's in Woodside anyday over the Corner's... and I'm sorry Astoria Boy, but I think that PJ's is on par with Donovan's.

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                      1. re: Moxie

                        Horgan's is on par, and at times, even better.

                      2. favorite places:
                        Jackson hole astoria blvd. astoria huge, fresh and unlimited pickles. shakes too.

                        Film chefs, LIC area, has huge angus burgers with curly fries, cheap too.

                        1. I second the bigups for donovan's - they are the best

                          but in my 'hood I go to Aliada or Pinocchio Palace - they'll put feta on your burger and also do turkey burgers as well


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                            Take a trip to Lounge 47 in Long Island City. A cool, low-key East villagey type spot, very relaxing and they were the only other place in Queens, other than Donovans, to make Time Outs recent Top 100 Burgers edition. Serve theres with great chipotle mayo and shoestring fries for only $7.50. Its on Vernon Blvd. and about 47th Ave.

                          2. If you live in Astoria, the best burger can be found in nearby Woodside. It's at an incredibly atmospheric Irish place called Donovan's, on 58th st under the 7 train. Stain glass windows and white stucco walls make it look like it was airlifted out of Ireland and plopped into Queens. The bacon cheesburger is stunning. Better than Neptune, Mike's, Cup, or most other diners in Astoria. The only thing comparable is the "Supreme Burger" at the New York Diner, formerly the Ham N' Eggery, on Northen Blvd, next to the Sunaco gas station.

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                              I was really excited to try Donovan's last night so I walked over from Astoria (only about a 2 mile walk from my apt on 30th ave.) I have to say, it was a real disappointment. It was a perfectly fine burger, to be sure, but I don't understand the hype. I don't really see what distinguishes it from the bacon cheese burger I'd get at many other pubs. It was pretty bland and there wasn't anything about it that really stood out. After I added some salt, it was much tastier, but still nothing spectacular.

                              I know it has gotten a lot of press as one of the city's best burgers, but I'd take a burger from Peter Luger or Shake Shack over it any day.

                            2. I'm seconding Sunswick at 35th and 35th. Have it with the waffle fries and one of the 25 beers. good food and very nice crowd.

                              1. I have to say I haven't been to most of these places, but my friends make fun of me and laugh because I (a strict carnavore) would take a burget at Tastee Corner (corner of 30th Ave and 31st Street) anyday over any gourmet burger. Get it medium rare and it will be the greatest thing you've ever had in your life.

                                1. I noticed that there was a burger on the menu at The Sparrow (www.queenssparrow.com). We had brunch there the other day and the food was really good, so I would be pretty optimistic about their burger-- great looking fries, too.

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                                    Yes, Sparrow has very good burgers. Not at the level of Corner Bistro or Dumont Burger, but quite good. And their herb fries are fantastic. And they have some pretty good beer to wash it all down with. I also recommend their malbec, if you're more into wine...

                                    Sparrow's across 24th Ave from the Beer Garden...

                                    1. re: Harlan

                                      Drive over to Five Guys Brothers in College Point.

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                                        I think that the best burger in Astoria is at Cronin and Phelan's on Broadway, right off of Steinway. It is perfect, nice char, cooked perfectly to order, plain bun. I actually like it better than Donovan's.

                                        1. re: Yaxpac

                                          I second Cronin and Phelan's. I understand that their turkey burger is ground fresh on site. I wonder if the beef burger meat is too. All the food is very fresh. The bar and waitstaff are the best on Broadway. I have been going there since it opened and always leave full and happy.

                                          1. re: Yaxpac

                                            I like Cronin and Phelan's, a good honest pub, good prices, nice staff, food above average, but the burger is just okay. Big, fresh, flavorful? Yup. Cooked to order properly? Yeah. Good bun? Check.

                                            Charred? Not at all.

                                            Donovan's generally falls down in that regard, too, IMO. Nothing to see there.

                                            PJ Horgan's in Sunnyside, now that's a good pub burger and some very good pub food. Not gonna change the world, but they know from good burger. Same goes for their fish and chips, bangers and mash et al.

                                      2. re: jdream

                                        Just to follow up on this... we went for brunch last weekend and my boyfriend got the brunch burger... essentially a burger on brioche with a fried egg on top. He added bacon and gruyere (yes, a heart attack) but it was SOO good. The burger was well seasoned and properly cooked. The fries that they came with were delicious, fried with some rosemary sprigs. I highly recommend the burger, I think it will be delicious with any variety of toppings or without!

                                      3. Brick Cafe on 33rd St and 31st Ave has an excellent burger, and good matchstick fries to go along with it. I also second Donovan's as one of the best.

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                                        1. re: mepm231

                                          I really don't know what all the fuss is regarding Donovan's. It just tastes like a regular diner burger to me. Which is fine. And I would rather eat one there than at Neptune. And I've had plenty of them throughout the years--actually, throughout this past month. But for something kinda special I get the kobe beef burger from the delano cafe in North Flushing. SO good.

                                          1. re: GreekGddss

                                            Kobe (if that's what the Delano is really serving) is wasted in a burger.

                                            ...and I'm sure the Delano will be closed within a few months. It's never been in business under the same name for very long.

                                            1. re: irishnyc

                                              I agree with GreekGddss. The Kobe burger at Delano is the Bomb! So are the Panini's. The staff is goodlooking too. This place was done right this time.

                                        2. I've been to Bare Burger twice (www.bareburger.com) on 31st Ave. They use all organic, all natural ingredients and have a huge selection of meats (ostrich!). I highly recommend the elk burger. Their fries and shakes are also great.

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                                          1. re: kakenyc

                                            My husband and I ate at Bare Burger for the first time this week and neither of us were particularly impressed with our burgers. We both got beef, so I can't speak to the other meats. The beef wasn't very flavorful and not terribly high quality, organic or not. The patties were also quite small. I got the $12.00 California burger, which comes with cheddar, onions, a scant amount of avocado, and a huge amount of lettuce. My husband's bacon cheeseburger was lackluster. Maybe some other combos of meat / toppings are better, but for the price, I expected more.

                                            The space is cute, and they have two different kinds of Wolaver's beer on tap, but with so many excellent dining options in the neighborhood, I doubt we'll give this place another shot.

                                            33-21 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11106

                                            1. re: versicle

                                              Finally had the chance to try Bare Burger today. My wife and I were pretty impressed. We didn't order many toppings, just the jack cheese, lettuce and tomato; there was also their house sauce on them too. We also got a basket of fries. We both thought everything was very good. Maybe, they have ironed out the kinks, but the meat was very high quality. The fries were crispy but not oily, and came with three delicious dipping sauces.
                                              There is also a very good selection of beers on tap, I was especially happy to see Victory's Prima Pils.
                                              The service was nice and the atmosphere is appropriate to a local thoughtful burger place. We live in Sunnyside and like to go to Donavan's from time to time, but I think we might prefer a bike ride to Astoria from now on.

                                              33-21 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11106

                                              1. re: Paulomet

                                                I literally live two doors down from this place and never eat there. I gave it three chances and got three woefully overcooked/undersalted burgers and gave up. Organic plus girls in short skirts plus dipping sauces will pack people in every time though. To be fair, the sides were good, and the people are very nice.

                                                For my money i'd walk down the street to Sweet Afton and have their burger. Some people like the burger at Sparrow across from the beer garden. Not great, but I'd take it over Bareburger and it has darkened bar thing going for it.

                                                Sweet Afton
                                                30-09 34th St, Queens, NY 11103

                                          2. it's not astoria but it's close..jackson ave steakhouse has great burgers for a great price ten bucks you can get a burger fries and a beer..fantastic staff!

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                                              With all the suggestions pointing to outside Astoria, its fair to say that Astoria doesn't have good burgers. The best I've tried is 718. The diners (Neptune, Mikes, etc) have disgusting patties while Jackson Hole just has a 1/2 pound of raw fatty meat which doesn't have much flavor.

                                            2. Try the new Euro Grill at 23-08 Hoyt Ave. Pleasant dining atmosphere and very tasty burgers. Also very reasonable prices.

                                              1. Anyone been to Petey's on 30th Ave? I know it's probably not what the OP wanted - too fast-foody - but I'd be interested to hear any feedback. Thanks!!

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                                                1. re: jenhen2

                                                  Petey's is OK. If you are one of the many who feel that In'N"Out is the gold standard of burgers (which I don't myself), you will adore it. They are decent enough but a little expensive for what they are.

                                                  1. re: ratgirlagogo

                                                    I disagree strongly with ratgirl. Petey's rocks bigtime. The best in Astoria for my money. And their delivery is insanely fast.