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Jan 6, 2005 11:29 AM

Burgers in Astoria

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My boyfriend just moved to Ditmars from the West Village. We used to go to Chumleys and Corner Bistro when he was over there and are looking to replicate the experience in his new nabe. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. while no corner bistro, the jackson hole diner on astoria blvd. has some damn good burgers.

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    1. re: Bill

      I have to second that, and when you ask for a medium rare burger, you get a medium rare burger.

      1. re: karin

        There's a place called Sunswick on 35th and 33rd? near the studios. Good burgers.

      2. re: Bill

        Jackson Hole could be the best in the entire city

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        Bob Martinez

        You may want to try the Bel Aire diner at 21st Ave and Broadway. The Daily News voted it best diner in the city back in 2003.

        As for Jackson Hole (aka Airline Diner), it's worth checking out for the classic diner vibe. The burgers, while enormous, are a disappointment. They put an aluminum dome over them on the grill to get them to cook faster. Unfortunately, they taste more steamed than grilled.

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        1. re: Bob Martinez

          It's actually 21st Street, not 21st Avenue.

          1. re: Bob Martinez

            Agreed about Jackson Hole. The burgers are just too big and wet. I like a burger with a nice char on it.

            1. re: Bob Martinez

              Haha, I've seen that banner in front of the diner but never knew how recent it was. Does it live up to the award?

              also the aluminum dome is a classic method used by some of the best burger places I have been. It keeps it very moist. I see no problem to that method at all.

            2. My favorite burgers are at the Neptune Diner.

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              1. There's a bar called McCann's, I think, that's located on Ditmars close to 36th St. They make a decent burger.

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                1. re: ctan

                  McCann's is a good choice. Also a great place to watch the game if you can get a seat. Otherwise there is no place to stand.

                2. The burger at the Waterfront Crabhouse in Long Island City on Borden Ave is great. McReilly's on Vernon Blvd. and 45th St. serve great hamburgers and food too.