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Jan 6, 2005 10:31 AM

Wedding Catering Recommednations for Couple on a Budget

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hey everybody..

My man recently proposed and we really would like to get married this fall, but without breaking the bank.

I'm looking for decent eats at a maximum of $50 per plate. I called a place yesterday and the banquet manager said "that's gonna be plenty if you plan on starving your guests."

Please help!

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  1. k
    King of Northern Blvd.

    having been through this a while back all I can say is that that kind of budget will probably have to mean not so decent food....Not sure how many people you have but even the Crap places I looked into wanted more than that....

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    1. re: King of Northern Blvd.

      nonsense!! Little money doesn't equal bad food. Think of all the meals you've eaten that were great for under $50!! Think asian or better yet (IMO) think B-B-QUE. Friends of mine recently rented out the Brooklyn Brewery (includes all the beer you can drink) and they hired... I don't remember which BBQ joint to cater. It was very low budget and they received nothing but rave reviews for the food. It was awesome. Don't pay a caterer for something you wouldn't go out and buy if it was just two of you. Pretend you're throwing a dinner party.
      Good luck!

    2. j

      If you're willing to be creative and your guests are adventurous, you might be able to save a lot of money by using an ethnic restaurant, such as Indian. Another option is to do a brunch wedding or just heavy appetizers or cake and dessert.

      We're also on a budget planning our wedding, and were shocked at how much things cost! Our caterer, F.E.A.S.T. in Washingtonville (they do NYC events, though) is among the most reasonable we've found. You might want to check them out. I've linked below.


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      1. re: JessicaSophia

        I got married at Round Hill House, FEAST's site and it was wonderful. If going out of the city is an option for you, I highly recommend them and their food.

        I went to a great wedding at Prospect Park picnic house and they used a West Indian caterer from Flatbush. The food was awsome, and the wedding was wonderful, and definately in your budget.

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          Hey basumi, do you know which West Indian caterer they used?

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            How many can Round Hill House fit? Do they have nearby lodging that your guests used?

        2. Congrats!

          I just proposed to my girl a month ago, and we're going through the same dilemma.

          One thing we thought about was a clambake. You can have a very elaborate clambake, with all the bells and whistles, for about $60/head. Granted, it's not as elegant or nice as filet, but hey it's fun, especially if you can find an outdoor place to do it.

          You might also want to check out The Douglaston Manor ( They have an interesting "all-inclusive" package. If you're willing to go upstate, out to Long Island, or into Jersey, you can probably do a lot better.

          Drop me an e-mail if you hear of any other good ideas!


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          1. re: Kevin

            Where did you find a clambake in NY for $60?! I'm looking for Clambake options.

          2. We're going through this now too! Two general sets of advice:

            1. Get a restaurant and do a private room. Works if your party is small enough. But might be hard to do and keep your cap of $50/head.

            2. Rent a location w/no mandatory caterer. Then you could bring in whomever you like or hire people to serve. This is what my fiancee and I are doing - we got a place (will cost $1200), are hiring workers for the night (should be about $900 w/tips), and will buy food @ Whole Foods/Fairway (my brother did this last year and spent about $2k on 70 people), and wine at a wholesaler. Our total should come out to $6000 for 110 people. If you go this route, look outside the city. In the city, space rentals seem to start at several thousand and usually much higher.

            3. Just had another idea. Kind of risky as you'd be at the mercy of the weather. Get a permit to hold an event in the park -- think that is $25. Risk is that (a) you've got no bad weather back-up, (b) not as much privacy, and (c) have public restrooms.

            If you really want to go super-duper cheap and do self-catering, some suggestions: Women's Club of Ridgewood, Women's Club of Englewood, Morris County parks system, and the Kellogg Club in Morristown (all of these are in NJ). All of those allow self-catering.

            I'd have loved to do it in Bklyn but the prices dictated that we look further afield. :(

            1. We're getting married this coming June and after lots of looking around for caterers, we decided to go with Monica at The Liberty Heights Tap Room. We're actually booking the whole space and having our wedding reception there, but I know she does off-site catering as well. She could definitely do something for you in this price range, but my guess is that it would just be a buffet and not a sit down dinner.

              Contact me off-list if you want more details about this or other places we looked at...


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              1. re: wubbahed

                Wubbahed - would love to get in touch about alt. BK wedding locations - but how?