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Jan 5, 2005 09:53 AM

Cambodian Restaurant in Fort Greene

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Is it any good? Any recommendations?

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  1. I like certain things - certain noodle dishes (the Cambodian Curry with vermicelli, and Noodle 7 (forget what it's called)) and the Chicken Amouk - but avoid the run-of-the-mill stuff . . .

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    1. re: DC

      I had a similar experiance. I went with a cambodian, and the dishes he ordered were wonderful. THe dishes others chose were pretty bad. I am sorry to say I dont remember what he ordered (Expcept for an omlette), but they were unique

      1. re: driggs

        Does anyone know the official name of this restaurant? I am meeting a friend there next week who is unfamiliar with Fort Greene and I don't want him to get lost...

        1. re: Dani

          Cambodian Cuisine (yep, that's the name)
          87 S. Elliot Pl. between Fulton St. and Lafayette Ave.

            1. re: 5 and Dime Eater

              FYI - it closed a long time ago - Smoke Joint is where it used to be. Cambodian Cuisine has since reopened on the UES in fancy digs (I imagine without the amusing "rules".)

              Kampuchea in the LES is really good for Cambodian-inspired food - their take on banh mi sandwiches are particularly good.

    2. I like the minced spicy beef appetizer, which is pleasantly spicy and has a nice texture, the chicken amok (sp?), which is interesting -- kind of like a chicken disk, and the vegetable appetizer, with bits of vinegary cucumbers in it. Other dishes aren't so spectacular.

      1. b
        Brooklyn Boy

        If you open to meatless dishes, try "BC-10" (bean curd). Chewy tofu in tasty gravy with brown rice.