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Jan 3, 2005 09:58 AM

Altadonna: Best Restaurant in Queens?

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On Newsday's recent list of the best restaurants in Queens and Long Island, only one in Queens received the newspaper's highest rating of four stars-- Altadonna, at 249-30 Horace Harding Expressway in Little Neck. Has anyone tried it? Newsday especially recommended the bucatini con le sarde.

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  1. BEYOND outstanding.... I can't even begin. The fried stuffed green olives, baccala a la Messina, bracciole the size of an evening bag over gnocchi (made the real way, not just with parsley and breadcrumbs inside- my nonna, God rest her, would be proud...), pasta con calvofiore, fried cardoons, veal spiedini, baccala salads, bucatini a la sarde....I am amazed there are not lines around the block. And I am Sicilian- very reluctant to say anyone's food is better than ours, but this place comes really close. Lots of raisins, pignolis, browned breadcrumbs. Excellent swiss chard and fried spicy Italian peppers as sides in a most redolant olive oil. Don't miss them.

    You'll want to kiss the sweet chef/owner. He is so adorable.
    It's like eating in his home.

    More than half my Christmas list received gift certificates to this place, and we would have made my son's first birthday party here in a heartbeat, but it was too small.....

    Now if only they'll make me panelle- I'll never have to go to Brooklyn again :)

    Run there.

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      I grew up in Fresh Meadows & just can't seem to figure out where this restaurant is. Based on your feedback, I'd love to try it. Where is it exactly? I know the service road from Fresh Meadows to the Cross Island Expry & can't figure out where it is. Is it on Northern, not the Horace Harding service road?(can you give me a landmark or 2?)

      1. re: synergy

        It's on the eastbound side of Horace Harding, which is sometimes known as the service road of the LIE, between Marathon Parkway and 251st Street. It's in the middle of a block of stores, with a U.S. Post Office branch on the Marathon Parkway corner.

        1. re: Warren

          Thanks Warren, for the directions!

      2. re: lisa

        This place sounds great...found review online at this link:

        Who else has been? I will try very soon, as I am so disapointed with the Italian places in Queens...

        Please post more reports if anyone else has tried!

        1. re: Janie

          Dissapointed with the Italian restaurants in Queens!?
          Have you eaten at Piccola Venezia or Trattoria L'Incontro? It doesn't get better. Anywhere!

          I have to say Altadonna has peaked my interest though. How is the wine list? Look forward to trying it ;)

          1. re: Janie

            Two things:

            Can anyone confirm whether it's open Sundays?

            Newsday appears to have taken down the review. Does anyone have the text of the story to post?


        2. Not sure I would agree with Newsday's highest rating. Having eaten here on numerous occasions I feel compelled to report that the food here can be quite inconsistent. We've had some fabulous meals here one night, gone again during the same week only to find that its been...well let's just say...below average. We still go back because when its good its wonderful. So things are hit and miss. Service can be very very slow at times, not to say that we're ever in a hurry, but we've waited well over 1/2 hour to get appetizers and that's when the place isn't all that busy. Don't know if they have different chefs on different nights...but FWIW just wanted to give my 2 cents. Oh yes, the owners and staff are very nice.