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Dec 28, 2004 08:31 AM


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Does anyone know what happened to this long time fixture on Mermaid Avenue in Coney Island ???

I drove past it the other day, and noticed it's now a Chinese Buffet.


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  1. REALLY!? Oh man, please don't tell me that......

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    1. re: Ian

      Was there about ayear or 2 ago. Empty, so so expensive food. Was disappointing. Not surprised it closed. Was good years ago.

      1. re: Bob

        Years ago the original people sold out, leaving the name and goodwill, and opened Fiorentino's on Avenue U. Carolina's remained popular out of habit and because it was fancier-appearing. (Fiorentino's is still on Avenue U, near the elevated train, still good.)

        1. re: JanetG

          I had dinner at Fiorentino's last week. The food was hot, plentiful and OK. I wouldn't classify it as wonderful but then again it was homey. We were a large party and we were served family style. I liked everything but thought that they could have used better seasonings and spiced it up a little.What do you all think?

          1. re: GB

            I ate there many times and found it fairly good, about 3.5 stars at best. Certain dishes are pretty good, descent atmosphere.

    2. Are you sure it closed? I was there about 5 or 6 months ago and have been there a handful of times in the last 2 years. I agree it is overpriced for the quality, but it is still a decent meal.

      1. I loved Carolina's and miss them dearly. I'll have to try Fiorentino's.