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Dec 14, 2004 08:01 PM

Best Baklava

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I am giving Baklava as a gift and need to know what bakery has the best tasting baklava in Brooklyn/Queens?


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  1. I like Damascus Bakery on Atlantic Ave and Oriental Market across and down the street.

    1. Try Artopolis in Astoria. I did, and I won't shop anywhere else!

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      1. re: Andreas

        Second Artopolis. Keep away from Acropol. sad stuff.

        1. re: Nancy

          I just posted on this further down but i wholeheartedly recommend this place, their baklava is the best i have ever had.

      2. Damascus Bakery on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights. Simply the best!

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        1. re: DeeDee

          I totally second damascus--fresh, drippy, delish

          1. re: DeeDee

            I agree. Damascus on Atlantic Avenue has the best products you can find. The Baklava is so good. The pita bread is too. I know you will need a hand leaving the store because you will buy more than you thought you would. There are all kinds of sweets and specialties that will make you drool.
            good luck!

          2. oh man, we had the baklava at Damascus and it was just divine! My boyfriend had a pastry made with cream and semolina and that was also wonderful. MMM mmm good.

            1. I'm not going to go out on a limb and say it's the best, but I found a place in Astoria that has baklava so juicy they ran down my face like I was drooling honey. They have a wood burning oven, but I think they use it only for bread.

              Yaya's Bakery
              28-46 31 St