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Dec 14, 2004 10:46 AM

Brooklyn Bar Food, Burgers, Wings

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Hi! Staying in Park Slope this weekend. Most of our meals are going to be fancy and in Manhattan. We're looking for something in Brooklyn for next Monday evening. While we appreciate the upscale, we also like casual and are seeking great bar food, burgers, or wings. Not just a convenient restaurant, but a destination when you're craving some tasty eats. A good selection of beer on tap is also a plus. We're not opposed to greasy holes-in-the wall. It's easy to research the fancy restaurants, but harder to find good local spots.

Our flight is very early the next morning, so we want to stay within a short cab/train ride from Park Slope.

Thanks in advance from a D.C. hound.

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  1. I would highly recommend Bonnie's Grill 278 Fifth Avenue (at Garfield Place) in Park Slope. Excellent wings (the owners are from Buffalo) and good burgers also. Small place with good beer selection and friendly staff. Another recommendation is Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights -- great pub grub excellent burgers, good pulled pork, chicken, etc. and an excellent selection of beers on tap and in bottles.

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    1. re: DeeDee

      It's a close call bewteen these two places, but I'd say that Waterfron wins out on the sheer number of beers on tap, plus the amazing selectioin of bottled Belgian beers - second to only Spuyten Duyvil in Williamsburg. (Another amazing beer bar, if not the best in the city, although the food is limited to cheese and meat plates.)

      1. re: Lambretta76

        Two places to consider:
        -Snooky's on 7th Ave. in Park Slope. Good burgers, full bar, not sure about beer.
        -Rhythm & Booze, Prospect Ave. in Windsor Terrace (just off 15th Street F train stop, or 5 minutes by cab). Fabulous burgers. I think the beer selection is decent. enjoy.

        1. re: bob

          Can't recommend Snooky's. It's slightly above average diner food perhaps. Nowhere near the league of Bonnie's.

      2. re: DeeDee

        Another strong recommendation for Bonnies. While I love Waterfront Ale House if you're staying in Park Slope Bonnies is an easy walk away. Excellent burgers and *outstanding* wings. A tip - order them medium hot since their "medium" equals "blazing" at other places.

        I'm supplying a link to a recent newspaper review.


        1. re: Bob Martinez

          Bonnie's fries are great too, especially with their homemade spicy mayo (or whatever that stuff is).

      3. Bonnie's Grill on 5th Avenue is the go to place for burgers and wings. They have beer, but I'm not sure about the extensiveness of the tap.

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        1. re: Lizard

          Bonnie's only has 2 taps but they have a nice selection in bottles.

          1. re: DeeDee

            They only have two taps, but they rotate one of them weekly or at least a few times a month. The other one's always Brooklyn Lager.

        2. Though it's hated by some on this board, 200 Fifth (at least the last time I was there) had a decent selection of beer. It gets jammed on weekends, though, especially during football season. What little food I had was standard bar fare. Not great, but not horrible either.

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          1. re: Brooklyn Boy

            I only go for happy hour (weekdays between 4 and 7) - when you can get pints of Staropramen for $2.50, and Leffe blonde for under $3. (It's 50% off tap beers.) Also had some decent American microbrews. It's not a beer bar though, so you'll get pints of Leffe (even if they have the correct glasses behind the counter) and most pint glasses are chilled. Plus, they probably have the largest selection of Coors products this side of the Mississippi. (It's not an upscale place, just a neighborhood joint with some decent beers on tap.)

          2. Wicked Monk

            Pizzaria Uno

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            1. re: Brooklyner

              Wicked Monk is in Bay Ridge which would not be convenient to the original poster and assume the suggestion of Pizzerio Uno is simply a joke.

              1. re: DeeDee

                Not only is WM in Bay Ridge, it also doesn't serve the burgers which the original poster requested.


            2. Two suggestions:

              If you want to go to Bonnie's AND have great beer, one thing you can do is go to the Gate, a bar on Fifth ave. and 3rd Street very near to Bonnies, and order food for delivery from Bonnies (they have menus for Bonnies and other places at the Gate). Huge selection of beers on tap.

              Also, since you said "a destination when you're craving some tasty eats" one place that I like is called Bar Toto, on 11th Street and 6th Ave. They don't have an extensive beer selection, but I love the burgers there and the rest of the food is a notch above what you might find elsewhere for essentially the same price.

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              1. re: bigskulls

                I did not know that Bonnie's delivers - thanks for the info!

                Do you know if their menu is anywhere online?

                1. re: rkn

                  The last time I checked, Bonnie's did NOT deliver, at least to households. (If they deliver to The Gate, it must be by some special arrangement.)

                  I think the idea of eating at Bonnie's first, and then walking to The Gate for more drinks sounds great. The two places are so close to each other. Also, I think burgers and fries don't travel well. The fries get steamed up and soggy, etc.

                  Anyway, check with Bonnie's before you count on the delivery option.