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Dec 13, 2004 10:06 AM

Maltese Pastizzi at JMJ Bakery, LIC (mini-review)

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I had posted to the existance of this place a while back, but it took the gift of a bottle of Maltese Kinnie (a chinotto-like Maltese soda) to trek out to LIC for a taste of this bakery's pastizzi.

When arrived at around ten to 1 pm, the gates were already down on the storefront. I called the number on the awning and, when I told the person on the other end that I was looking to buy some pastizzi, he perked up and said come around to the factory entrance. I asked for a half dozen, three each of cheese and meat. He disappeared into the the frozen area as I watched a half-dozen men decorating cookies with airbrushes and creating amazing winter scenes out of marzipan snowmen and leaves. (Mental note - go back when the shop is open so as to check out what else they offer.)

A couple of minutes later I was $7.50 poorer (they cost $1.25 each) but six pastizzi richer. I have no idea if they have other Maltese offerings available, but this seemed to be the thing to order. The man I spoke with told me if I ever needed pastizzi when the store was closed to just come around to the side entrance. He seemed to be very proud of his pastizzi and probably makes them for the dwindling Maltese population of Astoria. (He said something to me in Maltese but I informed him that, although I do have the dark skin of someone from the Mediterranean, I am mostly Polish and Lithuanian.)

Yesterday afternoon, I baked up one of the meat pastizzi. It's essentially beef and peas, probably sauteed with onions and some other spices and possibly some wine, in a homemade puff pastry. The filling was incredibly tasty, although I think the shell suffered from baking it without allowing it to thaw first. Still, it was very good and went well with the Kinnie. I know very little of Maltese customs, so i don't know if this is supposed to be a breakfast item or daytime snack. Also, the cheese one seems that it could also be eaten as a dessert, although I haven't baked one of those, yet. (I picked at the cheese filling and it tasted like a sweet and salty ricotta mixture.)

So, if anyone wants to try a sample of the isle of Malta, I'd head over to JMJ Bakery as soon as you can. Perhaps they have other offerings as well in the retail store, although I don't know what the hours are. (On Saturdays, I'd say it would be in your best interest to arrive before 1:30 pm, although the official closing time is 2 pm.)

JMJ Baking Corp
38-11 23rd Street
Long Island City NY 11100
(718) 392.7280

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  1. Thanks for posting. I'd never heard of pastizzi.

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    1. re: Abbylovi

      No problem.

      Anyways, I just tried the cheese ones as well. Ricotta with eggs mixed with a little salt and sugar. Perfect. I'll be buying these by the dozen from now on and keeping them on hand in the freezer. The meat ones are entirely wrapped in the pastry, while the cheese ones are open at top to allow for some of the ricotta to form a nice, crispy crust.

      1. re: Lambretta76

        Great find, thanks for the posting. Will reply once I try 'em.

    2. Hello Lambretta 76,

      To answer your questions - both ricotta and pea/meat pastizzi are supposed to be lunch or supper time snacks. The Maltese do not eat them for breakfast or as a dessert.

      thanks for posting! Do you know of any places where they deliver pastizzi or other Maltese products? I live in Atlanta and I don't find any of those here.


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      1. re: ngowriter

        Wow - this post takes me back ...

        Anyways - you could always try JMJ - they're a rather large industrial operation and could possibly ship them frozen to you ...

        1. re: lambretta76

          JMW NG The baker went back to malta. The guys at JMW dont' know how to make them.

          1. re: JOEASTORIA

            :( I was just thinking about making my way back there to stock up again - haven't been in some time. bummer.

            1. re: JOEASTORIA

              Hey Joe,

              Where does one purchase pastizzi now?

              1. re: h0h0h0

                I am going to try to get a baker,to at least make the dough. So far no luck .

                1. re: JOEASTORIA

                  Do you know any place to buy and ship pastizzi

                  1. re: clarefrances

                    I believed I had found one,Italia Bakery Dearborn Mi But the owner first tries to talk me out of buying. He stated the cost would be too high, I ask how much? I will get back to you. Well its been a month, do you think I should stop waiting?

                    1. re: JOEASTORIA

                      I'm pretty sure you can get pastizzi from the Maltese Center on Hoyt Ave South.

                      1. re: richg35

                        Yup you can get them at the Maltese Center on Hoyt for sure!

                        1. re: h0h0h0

                          According to its Facebook page, a user picked some up there as recently as December 19. Unless it's a holidays-only thing, this sounds very promising.

                          BTW - here's its Facebook page:

                          1. re: lambretta76

                            Very happy to see they have a facebook page - i'll have to renew my membership - i let it lapse!

                          2. re: h0h0h0

                            Is that what they call the club now? Last time I was there was 30 years ago. That club house was paid for from the funds of my pops club( the astoria manor dances profits).

                            My father wanted to split the money among the 6 last members, but the pres. wanted a maltese club to still be in new york, and by charter he could do want he wanted. Pops club was dieing off but had money. The club in the city had young members but no money.

                            Its nice to know that the astoria manor dances are still ongoing but I could not go there. Pop wanted nothing to do with the members of the new club and wanted me to do the same.

                            Anyway for the sake of others what do they cost? Do you have to order in advance? Would they ship orders ? and which items do the use in the filing?

                            1. re: JOEASTORIA

                              AFTER telling him the above.

                              You may wissh to get in touch with the Maltese club in Astoria, New York
                              City, to check whether they ship frozen pastizzi, or at least get the
                              name of the contact from where they get the pastizzi. The details are
                              the following:

                              Maltese Center in New York.

                              Address: 27-20 Hoyt Avenue South, Astoria, New York 11102-1942

                              Tel. No. (718) 728-9883
                              Fax No. (718) 728-9053

                              The name of the President is Frankie Borg.

                              Hope this helps.

                              Dennis Grech
                              charge d'affaires a.i.
                              Embassy of Malta
                              2017, Connecticut Avenue, NW
                              Washington DC, 20008
                              United States of America

                              My reply-- Dear Dennis no that does not help. Did you miss reading my PS?

                              Are you telling me that no one in the US makes and will ship Passizzi?

                              What do the staff do, fly back when they want one, or drive to the last
                              in NY.
                              When there is a party at the embassy do you not serve passizzi. Who

                              This request is not just for me its also for the many children of
                              who grew up with Passizzi. Who miss this part of the Maltese culture.

                              Maltese Center
                              27-20 Hoyt Ave S, Queens, NY 11102

                              1. re: JOEASTORIA2

                                At last FIND a place that sells Sfogliatelle , its the same dough. Ask to buy the dough. Fill and bake at home.

                                  1. re: h0h0h0

                                    dough- Italian bakeries, I am on long island pic below Sfogliatelle

            2. re: ngowriter

              I am Maltese born and for years have been limited to enjoying Pastizzi only when I visit my family on holiday. recently, through a Google search I was able to find them and order them from Margaret Young who makes them fresh and FedEx them to anywhere in the US. They cost just over a $1 a piece, however, the overnight FedEx is a flat rate of $20. For this reason, I buy four dozen at a time without incurring any additional mailing charge. The owner of this baker is Margaret Young and the phone number is 313 843 0379. Enjoy!

            3. Just saw this advertisement on the Maltese Center Facebook page:


              Some research seems to tie them to JMJ:

              Regardless, it seems like there's now a Maltese bakery in the 'hood again.