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Dec 10, 2004 11:19 AM

Can you buy a turducken anywhere in NYC?

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I ordered a turducken from Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving and it was absolutely delicious. I'd love to prepare another one for Christmas, but since the shipping costs were nearly as much as the bird(s), I'd rather buy locally if I can. Is there any place in the city that sells them, or will I have to order from Louisiana again?

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  1. Fresh Direct had frozen ones at thanksgiving. Don't know if that was a limited time thing.

    1. u can order them from lobel's


      1. In November of 2002, the NY Times Food section did an article on Turkducken and, while it's not surprising that I saved a copy, it's near a miracle that I found my copy. They listed these butcher shops in NYC that will set you up with the three boned birds you need:

        Lobel's Prime Meats: (212) 737-1371, (800) 556-2357

        Citarella: (212)332-1599, (866) 248-2735

        Oppenheimer Prime Meats: (212) 662-0246

        Fairway: Broadway (212) 595-1888, Harlem (212) 234-3883

        Holland Court Meat & Fish Market: (212) 289-8330

        Vincent's Meat Market (Bronx): (718) 295-9048

        Jefferson Market: (212) 533-3377

        In 2002, all of these markets had different charges for the service of boning the birds and different requirements for advance notification and they probably have changed so you'll have to ask. Again, this is just to get the turkey, duck and chicken. You will have to make the stuffings yourself.

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          just a note on lobels, they offer the entire package; boned, dressed, and wrapped, ready to cook.

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          1. Seeing this piqued my interest. I always wondered how these might be. One local market in our town here in CT was taking orders for them this thanksgiving, and last year Stop and Shop also had them available to order for Christmas. I don't host Tg but do Christmas and about 15 people. OP sounds as though this might be worth trying, more than just for the novelty of it. The local store, Labonne's Market, has them for $69, not awful since there's no shipping cost -- and no extra stuffing to make.

            I like to do something different for Christmas every year.

            So, has anybody else on CH ever served a purchased turducken and would you do it again?

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              Fairway and Wholefoods will butcher the birds for you. I had Fairwary butcher the meats for last year and with the exception of the duck they did a good job.

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                My question is not where to get one, but whether it they're good to eat or just a novelty.

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                    ANYWAY Best Yet markets they do have website and had them for Thanksgiving several locations

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                      The Wegmans & Harris Teeter supermarkets down here in VA carry them frozen, so I would imagine any upscale nationwide supermarket would carry them too. Harris Teeter was selling whole frozen Turduckens for around $65; frozen "breast" Turduckens for around $55. I've never had them though, so can't comment on taste/quality.

                      1. re: Breezychow

                        I'm always amazed that people revive six-year-old threads. Why not just start a new one? So much can change in six (six!) years...

                        Anyway, I started the original thread. And I have cooked turduckens. They are delicious and easy to roast. And they certainly make a stunning and different presentation. I'm thinking about cooking one for Christmas and will be on the hunt for a turducken in NYC. I think Staubitz in Carroll Gardens may have them.

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                          In Queens, Aaron's on Woodhaven can also get them. They'd be more expensive, because its kosher, but it would be organic. Don't you lose the delicious skin on the duck when you cook turducken?

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                            "Angelhair" - Does it really harm anyone or really bother you that much that your old thread was revived?

                            New members here (such as myself) browsing around for the first time don't always look at the dates of interesting-sounding threads, & quite frequently the old info is just as relevant as the new.

                            So sorry to have piqued you.

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                              Well, "Breezychow," I'm not that bothered. It is a minor pet peeve of mine, though. I think people should be able to read old threads but I find it counterproductive to post on threads more than a year or two old. So often the info is completely out of date. Restaurants close. And open. Quality goes up and down. So while no one is "harmed" I find reviving old threads to be a real time-waster, for the most part. Why not start a new thread and get some current information? But that's not Chowhound's system so I'll deal with it - and reserve the right to find it mildly annoying and not very helpful.

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                      junescook, we try to keep this board focused on sharing information about local chow, so we'd recommend you either start a new thread about whether turduckens are good to eat or just a novelty on the General Chowhounding Topics board, or search for an older discussion of this topic.

                      We hope people will continue to share information on where to find them locally on this thread.