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Dec 3, 2004 12:19 PM

sushi in park slope

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Any thoughts on the best sushi in park slope?

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  1. taro- dean btw flatbush & 5th

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    1. re: amp156

      Taro blows the others out of the water, in my opinion. The fish is better quality than Blue Ribbon, and at half the price. The space is not nearly as nice as Blue Ribbon, and the service can be a bit spotty, but if you're looking for good sushi, try Taro first.

    2. We have become regulars at Kiku on 5th. And I like some of the offerings at Yamato.
      Nice that we finally have some choice!

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      1. re: carfreeinla

        there seem to be tons of places- blue ribbon, geido, nana, - isn't there a brand new place I just read about in park slope reader too? haven't really had a bad experience yet except at oshinka on 7th..

      2. KIKU! The one on 7th is for takeout, the one on 5th is for sit down. Delicious at both, but the lunch special is pretty sweet at 5th.

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        1. re: cvaldaisnotbig

          I've settled into Kiku (5th Ave.) as my favorite delivery option in Boerum Hill. Two experiences from Taro (delivery) resulted in one excellent and one very indifferent sushi meal (small, ordinary and haphazard presentation). No complaints with Sushi Tatsu--not special but more than good enough. But Kiku has been very consistent, very good and, while priced around a buck higher than the average for a sushi or sashimi (or combo) assortment, it has seemed like good value for the $$.

        2. Geido for sushi and a great environment. Very reasonably priced for the quality of fish.

          Blue Ribbon for Japanese dishes, cooked fish, sushi not so much. Very pricey, excellent service and cooked dishes, sushi not worth the money imho (fish is average, honestly i believe geido has better fish and is much more reasonable.) enjoy FB