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Nov 14, 2004 07:49 PM

Kabab Cafe - what's good here?

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I know the qualms about the pricing but now let's get to details regarding the deliciousness of this joint. specifically, what's good to get here? are there specials that vary from day to day or what? and what about desserts? also, are there hookahs outside where you can go and smoke after feeling well-fortified from a restorative meal?

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  1. the vegetarian plate is almost always excellent. if you're going for the first time, you shouldn't miss this.

    whole fish he does great.

    his kosheri [sp?] is quite good, though the first time i had it i liked it incredibly and less so recently.

    there's something he does with a lamb chop and something fruity that comes to mind as well.

    less impressive are his kebabs.

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    1. re: babar ganesh

      One of the things you are paying for in KC is the personal attention from Ali. Give him a some idea of what you want and let him make suggestions.

      1. re: bobjbkln

        The only problem with this suggestion is that the bill might end up being a bit higher than you'd like. :)

        I like the artichoke app if he has it. And I ALWAYS get the foul, which is the best in town. For entrees, go with whatever he likes that night.

        Also, save some room and go for dessert up the street at Laziza (on the same side of Steinway, about 2 blocks up the hill), the best pastry shop in town.

    2. Lamb. Ali does wonders with lamb. And he does some wonderful vegetarian things.

      There are a whole bunch of hookah joints right near Kabab Cafe.

      1. My favorite Hookah place is the Egyptian Cafe. They have an outdoor seating area and a very nice selection of beverages. Try the Mango Strawberry.