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Nov 3, 2004 02:33 PM

june in fort greene?

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Has anyone tried June on DeKalb?

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    Brooklyn Boy

    I haven't been to Myrtle Ave. in months. Any idea on what type of food June serves?

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    1. re: Brooklyn Boy

      We went a few weeks ago and were pleasantly surprised. It's got an eclectic mix of smallish plates. We had a quite good bbq'd snapper, tasty seaweed salad, not-quite-as-good gnocchi. And a few more things. The portions are generally bigger than small plates often are, and the prices weren't too bad.

      1. re: EG
        Brooklyn Boy

        That sounds worth a try. Do you have the address of the cross streets?

        1. re: Brooklyn Boy

          It's at the corner of Clermont and Dekalb, where Sol used to be.

      2. re: Brooklyn Boy

        I'll tell you what they serve: dreck.

        Seriously, the $18 tuna steak was laughable. My girlfriend's rack of lamb wasn't bad (it was only $16), but they served her mashed potatoes from an ice cream scooper.

        I guess I was suckered by the friendly prices, but lesson learned. Next time, I won't be afraid to throw an extra $20 or so down for food that doesn't belong in a Radisson.

      3. Had one of the worst brunch experiences of my life there about six weeks ago. Completely over-his-head waiter, who was very sweet but kept trying to apologize for his incompetence by saying he was "just a college student." The food was very bland, they were out of several options, and at one point the restaurant literally filled with smoke from the kitchen. We just kept looking at each other in disbelief. Maybe it's a different scene at dinner, but I'd never go back.

        1. i was just there tonight for dinner. wow, i just realized the original post was from 3 years ago! well anyway. it was okay. it wasn't great, it was just.. pretty good. the beet & grapefruit salad and the crabcake were all right. i had the blackened salmon, which was cooked nicely, it was moist and tender. the couscous that came with it was mushy and had too much butter, and it was served on a bed of spinach, which was also all right. but the dish itself was... meh. okay. my boyfriend had the mango roasted chicken, which was also tender and it was good, but... meh. somehow something was missing from all the dishes to make them something really good.

          our waitress was nice but very slow, although there weren't many customers. overall, i wouldn't go again unless i wanted to get a lowkey drink at the bar.