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Oct 27, 2004 07:34 PM

Butcher in Queens?

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Who can reccomend a good butcher for bell and evans chicken breast with a big turnover in the Forest Hills vicinity? I've been to a couple butchers in Astoria, but this is a pain to get to, and they are more meat oriented than chicken. The one that moved from Metropolitan to Austin st area recently is not very good...any suggestions? I tend to go to whole foods in the city, or citarella, and buy alot and freeze it. Used to go to Ottamanelli's years ago, in Woodside, but it got kinda gross there. Thanks for any help!

Even used to go to a kosher butcher on 108th but they sold the place, and the new owners keep stuff there too long, and the place has a vile smell.

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  1. If you are willing to go to Fresh Meadows(about 10 minutes by car from Forest hills) there is a butcher on the corner of union Turnpike and I think it is 192 Street(across from the park) I t is called Ottamenelli and it is very good and clean inside-they carry Bell and Evans

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      iavarone bros has bell and evans chicken breast and amazing cheese and parley sausage,boccocini ,marinated skirt steaks,blue eddies pickles,shrimp cakes ,jumbo shrimp,,,its all good-its on 69th st and grand av in maspeth....enjoy

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        Thanks for the suggestion, but went there a couple years ago for awhile, and never felt the chicken was up to par, it sometimes didn't smell right, and was prone to strange texture sometimes...I have encountered this same problem at a few other places where it's not super fresh. I am VERY PARTICULAR about my chicken breasts, as I make them alot of different and interesting ways, and am very keen to the exact texture they should be when cooked exactly right. I did a test a few years back, because my husband is more picky than me, and cooked several different breasts from different butchers, and both my husband and I were able to pick the ones we thought were the best consistently. We began to notice a problem with Iavorone's chicken, although their location in New Hyde Park, wasn't bad. So, we took them off our list. Citarella uptown east side, has very very fresh breasts, and they will takes a fresh turkey breast and ground if for you also. The Citarella downtown however, does not get the same turnover of their breasts, because they do not have a butchering facility on site, like the uptown one does, so they just get deliveries from uptown. Big difference. I know it sounds crazy, but if you are a chicken fanatic, and a really good cook, you can tell the difference right away from a very fresh breast.

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        was in the area today and popped in to check this place out, and their selection looked wholly unappetizing, from the sad looking salad preparations, to what appeared to be poor looking cuts of meats, and hard to believe brownish looking bell and evans chicken breasts..the lighting was lousy in there, but man oh man, did this place have a bad vibe all around....know that this place is supposed to be connected to the good place on bleeker, so was taken aback at the difference,,, and I would hesitate to use the word clean to describe this spot..just a fair warning to anyone heading there for a special trip...much better options in queens elsewhere....2 days before thanksgiving might be affecting what they normally offer, but it didn't bode well.

      3. Check out the Natural Market meat department. Ascan and Austin.

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          Thank you for all the suggestions...Natural market is a no-no for me, I shop there for produce, and have a hard enough time finding decent stuff, and their prices are higher than whole foods, and citarella! As far as their deli and meat selections, not fresh by a longshot--so, no thanks to that one..As far as the Ottomanelli suggestions, will try the other locations and check them out, as I stated in my orig post, used to go to woodside but quality declined, as far as Iavorone, have been to the one in New Hyde park, it is okay, but not that great, will try the other location, although I have a vague memory of that location, too. Got some good suggestions for Long Island and Bayside on the other board, and will check those out as well...will report back with my findings, for any other freshness nuts out there!
          Thanks again for the help!

        2. I use Metro Meats on Metropolitan Avenue. They carry Bell & Evans. I won't say their meats in general are of outstanding quality, but I've never gotten anything from them that wasn't fresh, and they are very accomodating about custom grinding, boning, pounding--whatever you want them to do.

          1. try "The Butcher Shop" on Fresh Pond Road, Maspeth. An Irish butcher, I'm told, with good affordable stuff.

            1. There's also Ottomanelli in Woodside. The Ottomanelli's (also in Manhattan) have been around of generations.