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Oct 26, 2004 02:33 PM

time out Cheap eats Flatbush ave article-ridiculous

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Whoever wrote that article just lazily went up and down a small area
and wrote any old thing.. I mean calling Yummy Taco good??? That place is simply the absolout worst, even thought i live one block from there i will hardly eat there again.. And where is Wing Wagon I mean its not Great but better than some of the places mentioned.As well as that Vegetarian Restaurant.
Good Greif is all I can say, and what about MAHA's they are cheap.. and great!!! why didn't they put them? And Hafia food market? They promise the "best Hummus" but frankly its one of the worst renditions ever. and Gran Castillo..well there is a long post about them elsewhere today , so I wont bother..
Why did they even do that strech of Flatbush?
Also the writer quotes some one as saying that the you needed to carry a gun around this area during the 70's and 80's that is sheer nonsense.
It may have been slightly seedy, but never a dangerous place..
I really have to wonder about the writer of that article. They obviously have not spent much time around here.. There are so many other good places right around that area to do a little cheap eats article.. 5th ave for starters..

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  1. this almost rates as bad food writing as Asimov's great review of Pacifico,,,

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    1. re: jason carey

      That was Dana Bowen, not Asimov.

      1. re: brooklynmonkey

        yes you are absoloutly right sorry

    2. how funny. I just a minute ago posted the following:

      I think many of the Time Out Writers live in Park Slope and are really lazy and have bad taste. That is why the constantly write up places like Castillo De Jagua and Biscuit

      Hafia is one of the most vile and disgusting stores anywhere. I'd rather eat the actual Time Out magazine than anything from Hafia or Yummy Taco. Pathetic.

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      1. re: josh L

        I'm really interested in the Castillo de Jagua hate that goes on on the boards here-- while I haven't eaten there since last winter, I recall having a really nice baked chicken. Cheap and tasty-- not destination tasty, perhaps, but I was happy.
        But the word on the board suggests I am terribly mistaken about the appreciation. Could one of you school me?

        1. re: Lizard

          Well I always thoght the one across the street wasn't bad but now its a Duanne Reade. The remaining Castillo de Jagua is filthy and the food is not well prepred- everything is dried out and bland and they cant even make a decent Spanish coffee- in my book they are pretty useless.

          1. re: Lizard

            Its not hate.. this is chowhound and we tend to honestly discuss the merits and demerits of restaurants, so people can benefit from the experiences of others.There are yardsticks for good rice and beans restaurants, and this one is at the low end. that said, I still eat there sometimes... so its not disgusting, it just aint that good.

            1. re: Lizard

              I have the same feeling towards some of the postings about this place (and others). They border on hysteria at times. I live near Castillo de Jagua and find it a reliable place to get breakfast or a snack of rice and beans. Plus, the service could not be friendlier.

              1. re: Champ

                The service is very friendly in the bar (I've been unimpressed in the dining room) and they make a mean mamey shake when they have mamey pulp around (not very often). The rice and beans are OK, and it's really hard to ruin a jamon y queso sandwich (essentailly the cuban without the pork) - but it's just not a very good restaurant.

                1. re: Champ

                  I don't think any of the postings were hysterical. No one said they hated it, just that it wasn't good. I stop in there from time to time, but I won't make a point of writing about it.

            2. I agree - I almost fell over when I read about Yummy Taco. What about Taro Sushi just over the border in Park Slope? And you're right, Maha's is fantastic and cheap. I'm addicted to the roasted cauliflower and chicken pockets. What about Mama Duke's?

              Shockingly lame.

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              1. re: Ariel
                Masta Glock Killa

                What What?! Yummy Tee is "tha schnizzy". You can eat a whole meal there for under three dollaz. Also, if you ask the lady will give you two hot sauces instead of one hot sauce and one sour cream.


              2. What/where is Maha's? I live in the 'hood and never heard of it.

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                1. re: amp156

                  Maha is a wonderful woman who runs a little shop where she prepares her own food. She has a variety of "pies" - really triangle shaped dough filled with wonderfully spiced beef, chicken or mushroom (I think). She prepares a main dish every day, as well as sandwiches.

                  She has great prepared sides, including my favorite, the roasted cauliflower, roasted mushrooms, cabbage, sweet potatoes, spinach, etc. And killer stuffed grape leaves.

                  She's on 6th Ave, between Flatbush and Bergen - that weird triangle, and right by Yummy Taco.

                  Also have to put in a plug for Bergen Bagels. I LOVE their black and white cookies.

                  1. re: Ariel

                    And don't forget Bergen's black and white crullers. Man those are amazing - chocolatey on the outside - liquid and gooey inside...

                    1. re: Ariel

                      I know you said this two years ago but I have to agree! I can't get enough of their black & whites!

                  2. so, do any of our local know-it-alls know what type of restaurant is going into the old bike shop space between St. Marks and 6th ?

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                    1. re: jen kalb

                      charcuterie is moving in there. so the question is, what's going in the charcuterie space?