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Oct 10, 2004 02:33 PM


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Bartolino's in Astoria on Broadway and 34th? (I'm bad with the streets) I haven't been there, but I've always been curious. A friend of mine told me that it started out as a pizza place that became a full fledged restaurant. The prices seem pretty decent but I was wondering about the quality of the food.

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  1. It's actually all right. The front part is a bar, which you have to walk through to get to the restaurant proper in the back. If I recall correctly, I had a chicken parm, which was pretty standard.

    My one complaint was that my waiter was actually OVER-attentive, I felt like he was performing for me every time he came to my table. At one point, I think he was singing. Older gent, looked like the type that had been a waiter at that place his entire life. I went there at about 8 p.m. on a Saturday night and was shocked at how empty it was -- by the end of my dinner at 10, the place was starting to fill up, so I guess it caters to a later crowd.

    I usually prefer Sac's on 29th/Bway, mainly because their pizza is pretty awesome, and the prices are a bit cheaper.

    But if you try Bartolino's, let me know your thoughts.

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      I know the waiter you are referring to. IMO, Bartolino's is very overpriced.

    2. Haven't been there in years. Used to go all the time before they re-did the place and tried to make it more upscale. It's just okay. I wouldn't go back. Sacs is an okay alternative. The food's better, but not as good as it was before THEY remodelled.

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        Way overpriced and the food quality is fair at best....