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Oct 4, 2004 03:15 PM

Best Greek Diner in Astoria

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Looking for the best greek diner in Astoria with regards to food quality & affordable prices.

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  1. The world famous Nautilus(sp?). I hate diners, but I don't know of many that haven't heard of Nautilus(sp?).

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    1. re: Hildred

      Do you mean the Neptune Diner on Astoria Boulevard?

      1. re: Chorus Girl

        DUH! Stupid me. OF COURSE I meant Neptune! Where is my head? Neptune Diner. Met a guy in Aruba that went on and on about it. He also said he visited NY once in his life and that is where he ate. He seemed to LOVE the place. Darn it. I knew it was a Greek sounding name, despite the Roman Neptune/Posidon thingy.


        1. re: Hildred
          babar ganesh

          don't bother with this place unless you ABSOLUTELY need to go to a diner. very BLAH.

          1. re: babar ganesh

            I second that, I was not impressed with Neptune. If you want Greek food you are better off with Stamatis, their lentil soup is to die for. Michael's is my favorite diner, try the peasant fritatta (which is more of an omelette).

            1. re: astoriajen

              I personally have never ordered seafood off the menu, but I can vouch for Neptune's standard diner fare: eggs, burgers, pancakes waffles, etc. (and they make a good reuben) My Girlfriend got adventurous once and ordered the roast beef sandwich which was terrible. I personally never order anything fancy (over $10) at Diners so I don't know bout that stuff.
              The prices are very cheap though in comparison to regular diners, and there's free cookies at the door :-)

              Oh yeah, it's 24hr also.

    2. Neptune Dinner - 31st Street & Astoria Blvd.

      1. In my book, you just can't beat Michael's Restaurant as best value for a diner in Astoria. Located right next door to Uncle George's on Broadway off 34th St.

        Monday thru Thursday, there's a 11.95 dinner special: soup or salad, entree with potato and veg, coffee/tea and dessert. Fri thru Sunday, the price is 14.95.

        Some specials are higher. The other day, I had the fresh whole grilled bass dinner special. Delicious, included soup, potato, veg, coffee and pie, and only 15.95 plus tax and tip.

        They also have lunch specials and an extensive a la carte menu.

        1. i usually go to stamatis for greek food, but wound up at the Neptune diner one night and shared a MASSIVE greek platter with friends. we all agreed it was pretty darn tasty.

          1. Michael's on Broadway. Go for the dinner specials.