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Sep 29, 2004 05:43 PM

Sophisticated Cocktails in Brooklyn

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I'm searching for a few suggestions for sophisticated cocktails in Brooklyn. I love Belgian beer and red wine but as the weather gets cooler looking for interesting cocktails also.

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  1. RIVER CAFE. great bar. you dont have to eat either!

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    1. re: mrnyc

      Bembe is a small, fun Latin American bar underneath the Williamsburg bridge. They have a number of interesting house drinks.

      1. re: hanover

        Cafe El Cubanito in Brooklyn Heights is a Latin restaurant which has excellent drinks.

        1. re: rpuma

          Brooklyn Social on Smith, Frankie's 457 Spuntino on Court, Downtown Atlantic (great bartender).

          1. re: Lambretta76

            i second Brooklyn Social! a lovely interior, great bartender, delicious cocktails. and the space was once a men's social club - nice little piece of brooklyn history.

            1. re: cobble gal

              Nicer than saying, this used to be a bodega, that's for certain!

              I suggest the Ginger/Bourbon cocktail...

              1. re: mjr_inthegardens

                And try the whiskey/chinotto combo (I forget the name of it) - really tasty!

                1. re: Lambretta76

                  that might be the "italian american" - i just took a friend there last night and he had that one.

                2. re: mjr_inthegardens

                  i can't resist echoing the bklyn social rec- the old fashioned was amazing.

      2. Bluestone on Columbia? original cocktails made by the bartender....raspberry limeade is one of them...if i remember correctly...had a few :)...

        1. Babinga on St.Marks/Flatbush/6th Ave is a great place for cocktails -- especially couches in back.

          if you're in the area - you must try the basil gimlet at Franny's up the block!

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          1. re: Matt

            Second this. Great prices for creative cocktails. The space is gorgeous. Never got a chance to sit in it (bad weather) but the garden was nice, too.

          2. At Franny's, all the bartenders are exceptionally creative and good -- those tasty drinks go down all-too-easily, and that's a compliment. Bartender Karen -- Kay-ron the Destroyer -- made a vodka rosemary lemonade over the summer that was thirst-quenchingly refreshing and perfectly balanced, just the right amount of rosemary, and, to quote that silly Country Time commercial from days of yore, "not too tart, not too sweet." And their "Brooklyn" -- the Kings County answer to the Manhattan -- is divine. They use their own homemade lemon sour in place of vermouth, and it is perfect on a cold, wintry day. They also have a great wine list, both by the bottle and by the glass. . .

            1. Applewood has a great Fall cocktail menu...

              Maple Manhattan - Maker's Mark, Vermont maple syrup, Cardomom vodka, bitters

              Pumpkin Cream Soda - Gosling's dark rum, pumpkin puree, vanilla-sugar rim

              Spiced Pear whiskey sour - Jack Daniels, pear puree, spiced syrup

              Cinnamon-ginger martini