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Sep 16, 2004 02:02 AM

best gyro is astoria???

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for years when asked where to find the best best gyro in astoria, i would point people in the direction of romano's on broadway...i won't be doing that anymore -- not as long as anna's corner is still in business and making sandwiches like the one i had tonight...

for a while now, i have been passing by anna's corner (c'ner of 31st & 23rd ave) noticing the good-looking donner spits that they have going...tonight i finally tried's listed on the menu as "donner pork kebab in pita" $5.50 it's a little pricier than most typical gyros, and they're a little smaller, too...but, don't let that be a problem for you, because this sandwich is so much better than any gyro i can remember having...

wonderfully moist and tender pork...beautifully grilled pita...thinly sliced purple onions and ripe tomatoes...fresh herbs and spices infusing the already heavenly mixture of juices and tzatziki with even more flavor...

i don't hear all that much about this place, here on the board, and i don't know what else they do right or wrong...but, this sandwich is something else...and the chicken donner looks great, too...if you're a souvlaki person, they have them, too -- pork and lamb...i doubt that i'll be trying those anytime soon, though...i can't imagine that i'll be able to resist this pork donner enough to order anything else there...

as this was the first time i've been to anna's corner, i can't speak to their consistency, but i enjoyed the sandwich so much that i couldn't help but share my experience with you all and risk a premature coronation of a new gyro king...but, whatever...tonight, i was in gyro heaven! ;)


ps...another greek place that i have tried once and have very high hopes for is philoxenia on 23rd ave and 26th far, i have only had one dish (greek meatballs), but the home-style cooking and vibe (philoxenia means hospitality) have me already thinking (*hoping*) that this is the greek mina's...we shall see

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  1. I'll check out them both out.

    My favorite gyros used to be at the old Lemonia's where Aliades is now on 31st and Broadway. And the donner at the old Pinocchio's before they moved to the corner of 32nd and 30th Avenue.

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      General Skewer

      Aliada today has the best (sadly?) siftalia in astoria. Zenon's are NEVER fresh, are small and skimpy on ingredients.
      BTW, siftalia is a fresh sausage (not dried or smoked, etc.) of veal and pork with parsley, onion, maybe some allspice(bahari), salt and pepper wrapped in caul. (most places are so cheap they use only the cheapest pork for them, but they may claim to have veal – yeah, right). Grilled they can be truly delicious. Aliada makes some really good koupepia (dolma, dolmas, dolmades, dolmathes, etc.) Cyprus style, of course, (not the typical CANNED rice only crap we find at Diners in those terrible "Greek salads" and in many cheap tavernas around astoria) grape vine leaves rolled around ground meat with rice and stewed in a light tomato broth. Unfortunately they are on the menu only once a week and my last visit there was at 7:30pm and they were already out of them by then. They are obviously popular, since, to me, at least, dinner starts at 8pm. They also do Big take out business in this neighborhood that seems to come by immediately after work and pick up dinner long before I get there. Everything else is typical taverna style food stuff. Nothing worth mentioning.

    2. Pita Pan on 38th St at 30th Ave is both new and good. I had one last night. At $5.15, a little more pricy than a bad one from elsewhere, but what's an extra buck for a good gyros? The meat is nice and not the uniformly bland processed kind most places sell. They also have a outdoor seating area and serve beer. It's nice to see a "simple" gyro place elevating itself up a notch in term of appearance and class.

      1. opa! on 31st and 30th ave. excellent and cheap gyros.

        1. BZ Grill on Astoria Blvd and about 27th has my vote. And not just their gyro, get the mixed grill for a huge plate of meat, pork and chicken gyro, different types of fresh and cured sausages and "greek hamburgers" which they make with lamb. I tried Pita Pan once but found it dry, tasteless and overloaded with crap. I will definitely try Anna's Corner, as I've heard it mentioned more than a few times here.

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          1. re: Astoria Lurker

            I believe Anna's Corner is now closed, 693 days later.
            But I could be wrong... anyone know for sure?

            1. re: Ida Red

              still very much open, I live 2 blocks from there.

            2. re: Astoria Lurker

              Pita Pan, the Greek chain in Athens that has made it here to the USA is not the place for Gyros. I don't care for the place at all, but if you can get them to make a fresh souvlaki, with extra everything, it'll sober you up. ;)

            3. MMM gyro uno- on steinway and 28th ave. That's the ONLY place I go for gyros!