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Sep 12, 2004 07:31 PM

Guillermo's in Bushwick/Ridgewood

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We've been dying since moving to Bushwick. we live at Halsey St, the 10th stop into Brooklyn on the L, and we've seen mostly scary little diners around here. However we found a Mexican place in Ridgewood which will also deliver to Bushwick. They're called Guillermo's, and they're not especially cheap, but they are really good. The sincronizadas with chorizo are a favorite of mine and the flautas with beef are all they should be -- super crunchy with nice, spicy beef. Also the veal ala "oscar" is tasty, a thin veal cutlet in a tomato-based sauce with (i think) queso blanco and crema. We found their website and have been getting pretty frequent deliveries from them. They also stock a couple different flavors of jarritos, usually all they have is tamarind and apple, but both are delish. The nachos are good although they lose something on delivery. All around, a thumbs up if you would like something a little more "upscale" and you live in the middle of nowhere like we do.

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  1. I live around the corner from this place! Great to see someone else talk about it. Used to be a decent polish restaurant, then became Guillermo's. They have really nice soups, too. I also like the nachos. Ridgewood is somewhat of a wasteland when it comes to food, but we've found a few places-- Bona on Fresh Pond is a nice Polish place, and Zum Stamtisch on Myrtle is great for German (though a bit further away). Down Metropolitan (towards Williamsburg) is Stanley's Pierogies-- pick up a pack if you're in the area. They are definitely worth it!


    1. Anyone have an address for this place??