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Sep 7, 2004 12:43 PM


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I will be heading into Arthur Avenue for the first time
Can anyone suggest best places to shop for great Italian foods and perhaps a late lunch or early dinner?

Also, what is best day/time to shop there so I can park, etc with least hassle?


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  1. shop for pork at the Calabria Pork store - best sausage & soprasatta - get the sausage with onions & peppers

    go to Mike's Deli for parmesan cheese, olives, marinated artichokes, sandwiches, cold cuts, etc.

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    1. re: meb903
      Steve Harrington

      All good suggestions. Be sure to have an ice chest/cooler in the car if you're going to shop first and dine later.

      1. re: Steve Harrington

        Good sugeestions - seems like a lot to offer there!

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      Steve Harrington

      Parking on Arthur Avenue is a snap anytime before 4 p.m. - just be sure to feed the meter.

      I was there Friday and had an early dinner at Dominick's (2335 Arthur Ave.) Here's a link to my write-up.


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        I was there yesterday and really wanted to try Dominick's but there was a line outside and hubby didn't want to wait...

        So two doors down is Pasquale's Rigoletto. We had a good dinner here, veal parm, ravioli, and as an app mozzarella en carozza that melted in your mouth. I had a nice ice cold glass of champagne as well. Their red sauce is very good and service was excellent.

        If you end up here, you'll be fine.

        1. It looks like ELLEN is driving, but I want to go to Arthur Ave under my own steam (with some help from the MTA). Can anyone tell me how to get there from Manhattan on public transportation?

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          1. re: Tamar G
            Steve Harrington

            From Grand Central, take the New Haven line (Metro North) to Fordham Road. Take the bus on Fordham Road to Arthur Avenue.

            FYI, Arthur Avenue is pretty close to The Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden and Fordham University. You can't get lost. Just look for the butt-ugly, half finished radio tower on the Fordham campus.

            1. re: Steve Harrington

              Thanks everyone. Perhaps I'll go and munch, then go to the botanical gardens, then come back for groceries and more munching. Sounds like an almost perfect day to me.

              1. re: Tamar G

                Unless youre a fordham grad you arent allowed to call anything on the campus butt-ugly, especially given the less than beautiful neighborhood I think the tower is the least of the problems. Robertos is the best restaurant in that area hands down.

                1. re: Cathleen
                  Steve Harrington

                  Howdy, Cathleen.

                  Not a Fordham grad but I respect your thoughts/comments.

                  Having said that, we're old New Yorkers from Brooklyn and the Bronx. A splinter group (we won't talk about them) hail Staten Island as home. The Queens contingent is ok.

                  Grandma went to Fordham at night. That's where she got her law degree. She raised six kids. We like the Bronx.

                  Re: the tower. Either finish it or knock it down. Enough already.

                  BTW, Dominick's is pretty good. Just get there early.

              2. re: Steve Harrington
                bob oppedisano

                From someone working at Fordham and strolling over to Arthur Ave to shop at least weekly, some tips:

                It's the Harlem line of Metro North, not the New Haven line, that will take you to Fordham Road--and walking east to Arthur Avenue from the station is often quicker than taking the bus.

                Tony and Tina's pizza/burek palace is on Arthur Avenue and 189th Street--make sure to get homemade yogurt to have with your burek.

                Don't forget Calandra's cheese shop at the southern end of Arthur Avenue--it's about only cheese, and in its white tile simplicity recalls past generations and small town Italian life.

                Root around the back of Mt Carmel Liquors for a wide range of not-so-common Italian wines.

                Parking can usually be had a few blocks away, west, along Lorillard, Hoffman, and other N/S streets.

                Fordham's WFUV tower will be moved to another Bronx location this year.

                Enjoy. Buy sfogliatelle at DeLillo.

              3. re: Tamar G
                Brooklyn Boy

                If you take the subway, ride either the #4 or D train to Fordham Road and then take the Bx12. There's a stop near a diner (Hoffman Street, I think). The bus ride takes about 10 minutes. Arthur Avenue is one block away from there.

                1. re: Tamar G

                  Here's a link with information, including directions, on Arthur Avenue.


                2. I just posted a link somehwere down this thread for information about and directions to/from Arthur Avenue.

                  BTW, we had dinner on Sunday night at Roberto's. We had an excellent orrichietti (sp?) with spinach sauce and seafood and fork-tender osso buco with mouth-waering red sauce.

                  We can't wait to go back and try Dominick's and the other suggested restaurants on this board.

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                  1. re: rcc

                    Small world. We were also there on Sunday (early, though) with another couple. Roberto's is a favorite restaurant of ours (we live in the Bronx). Usually we stick to the specials, but the regular menu has some excellent choices as well.

                    I started with the grilled portobella and zucchini from the menu - one full and one small cap, perfectly done, served along with four thin strips of crisply grilled zucchini and a fresh eggplant caponata. My wife and I shared the day's agnolotti from the specials; it was goat cheese and herbs with truffle oil, and was excellent. The agnolotti special is always worth a try. Then we shared one of our menu favorites, Roberto's version of chicken scarpariello, which is the traditional dish but finished in balsamic vinegar. We split a small, intensely flavored chocolate souffle for dessert along with capuccinos. As always, a great pleasure.

                    Roberto's is moving, BTW, but just down the block to new quarters which I was told (on inquiry) were not much larger, which I was relieved to hear.

                    1. re: Striver

                      Thanks - can't wait to get there!