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Sunnyside bagels?

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Any good bagel places in Sunnyside? I'm moving to the area very soon and am hoping I don't have to resort to Dunkin' Donuts every morning...

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  1. I live in Sunnyside and declare it a disaster area as far as bagels are concerned. And you can't find good chopped liver, either!

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    1. re: Warren

      i agree. stay away from the chinese takeout too.

      1. re: alice1derland

        I know - what is it with the Chinese takeout? Can anybody recommend a good place to order from in Sunnyside.

        I've tried three different places now - that are so mediocre, I want to hop the train to Flushing!!!

        1. re: Betty

          The only place I still like and trust in the 'hood is No.1 Chinese on 43rd ave. bet. 49th and 50th st.
          And while on the subject, I have to mention how bad Mr. Wonton got in the last year or so. Just plain awfull and disappointing from dumplings to service.

          1. re: Betty

            The only really good Chinese place in Sunnyside or Woodside is the Thai Malay Cafe on Skillman between 51st and 52nd. Unfortunately, it's their Thai, Malay and Indonesian food that's great; their Hunan/Szechuan/etc. is mediocre.

            There always seems to be a line at the Peking BBQ (Peruvian-Chinese) on Woodside Avenue between 58th and 59th, but I'm allergic to chicken. Can anyone testify as to the quality of the other dishes?

      2. Good bagels are a tough find in Sunnyside. There is a bagel place on 44th St. and Queens Blvd. that is "ok." They will do for lack of nothing else if one really has a passion for a bagel.

        I just tried a bagel from a place on the corner of 58th St. and Roosevelt Ave., I guess officially Woodside and thought their bagels were quite decent. So far, the best I've had right in this area.

        1. You might be better off switching to croissants for a while instead; at least there's a pretty decent French bakery, La Marjolaine, at 50th and Skillman. There's also a cute coffehouse across the street which for some bizarre reason i am completely forgetting its name, even though i go there fairly often. I THINK they have bagels. they must. can't remember the last time i had one there though, or how good it was. they do have smoked salmon.

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          1. re: belle

            You might also try New York Style Eats, a diner at Queens Blvd. (south side) and 45th St. Know they have 'em; dunno how good they are.

          2. As Belle said, Aubergine (on 50th and Skillman) has decent lox and salmon. The best in our area. The owners are nice too.

            1. yes, i am sooo frustrated at the chinese takeouts. i thought someone also said there was a decent one on 43rd...but lower down in the 40s...like maybe btween 43-44??? not sure of the name...and i haven't tried it yet.

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              1. re: ceeceee

                It's on 43rd Avenue, between 43rd and 44th - Wah Yeung. Good takeout.

              2. On the other hand, for Mexican, various other Latin American, Turkish, Korean, bizarre (but pretty tasty) Nepali-Japanese hybrids, etc...

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                1. re: Woodside Al

                  i know...the place i am VERY interested in checking out is tangra...the indian chinese place on QB and 39th place i believe...described by someone as a chinese restaurant in bombay. the chicken lollipops are supposed to be amazing.

                  1. re: Woodside Al

                    Speaking of Sunnyside Mexican, and posts from guys from Woodside, De Mole, heavily touted here as one of Sunnyside's finest is in fact... located in Woodside. According to the Times last weekend(a Woodside round-up) and according to De Mole's carry-out menu.

                    1. re: MarcInSunnysideGardens

                      That's an addressing oddity, because the 11377 zipcode (Woodside post office) for some strange reason reaches down into that area just to the west of the cemetary (anyone know why the 11104 zip code is so small and 11377 so huge?). But by any rational delineation (i.e. not those made by the U.S. Postal Service or the N.Y. Times when covering anyplace in NYC outside of Manhattan), and by the most popularly accepted one, De Mole (El Jarro) is, of course, in Sunnyside.

                  2. hey, i've recently discovered that the grind on 39th place and queens blvd has great bagels!

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                    1. re: ceeceee

                      And for those of you that care... Tangra is great. Love it.

                      I would love to hear if anyone likes Peking BBQ.

                      http://www.yahoogroups.com/sunnysideNY <-- join the Sunnyside Yahoogroup.

                    2. The best place for bagels in sunnyside is up on 58th and Roosevelt ave. Their bagels are pretty good I must say.

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                      1. re: snowbird08

                        indeed, i am discovering that bagels in sunnyside are awful! this is very disheartening for me, esp since i was surrounded by so many choices in my previous location (oasis, bagels & co, utopia, etc).

                        the bagel place on QB and 44th - dave's or something - not good at all. my cinnamon raisin bagel had no raisins and it tasted stiff.

                        i will have to venture down to the grind! thank you.

                        1. re: snowbird08

                          The 58th & Roosevelt (across from Donovan's next to McDonalds in Woodside) bagel place is not awful, but it's not all that good either. You can tell that bagels are no longer really their main business, and that they have had to branch out to make a go of the place. The bagels are of the competently made round bread variety, like in suburban bagel shops across the country. Face it, this just isn't a bagel type of neighborhood, and there is nothing in the ethnic mix of Sunnyside, Woodside, or Jackson Heights that would portend good bagels. As I said above, better to enjoy the multi-ethnic delights available in the neighborhoods (including baked goods) and forget about the bagels (except, perhaps, if the news from The Grind is true. I wonder where they get them from?).

                          1. re: Woodside Al

                            The Bagel place on 44th and QB has great bagels, Dave's. When they are fresh they are amazing. Service though sucks, and the prices are the same as in a Manhattan deli if not more.

                            1. re: Sunnyside Brian

                              Agree. I think the bagels are good there, even when not fresh (which is key, since they are 24 hrs). I like the service there. It's a little gruff, but never unfriendly (in my experience). Though I tend to go early mornings when the lines aren't too crazy.

                              1. re: tracyk

                                Any time but the mornings the wait is very slow. 2 people in line and you might as well go home and make your own bagels.

                                1. re: Sunnyside Brian

                                  really? you really like the bagels at dave's?

                                  i just feel like it doesn't have that... je ne sais quoi that i'd expect of really good, delicious bagels. it doesn't have that same fresh crisp taste on the outside and the filling in the inside that doesn't taste like sawdust.

                                  again, i'm probably biased and a bit of a bagel freak. i daydream about driving to montreal strictly to eat one of their bagels and come right back home (still beats a new york bagel anyday). ;-)

                                  1. re: Linda

                                    maybe you are not a NY bagel person - I didn't dislike Montreal bagels but didn't love them. Too fluffy, too sweet, something missing.

                                    1. re: welle

                                      I love NY bagels, but I've never had anything I'd call one from Dave's, and the store and the service there are abysmal.

                                      1. re: Woodside Al

                                        agree - i love bagels, new york or montreal. equal bagel opportunist here.

                                        but dave's is neither.

                                        1. re: Linda

                                          I think the bagels at Dave's are fine. The service is just soo bad. Walk in for lunch at 1pm there is one employee trying to take care of a line of 4 people. Waiting 10 mins to get a bagel with cream cheese just seems pointless.