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Jul 19, 2004 09:53 PM

temple canteen next to dosa hutt

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i was at dosa hutt on sat for the first time in a long time and i noticed that the temple now has a canteen that also advertises the same kind of south indian snack food as dosa hutt (ie idly, dosa, etc). what's the word on the canteen? has anyone been there? is it better/worse than dosa hutt?
i would love to know what someone who has been there thinks.

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  1. The Canteen was written up the Times in April or May, right? Anyone been? I've been thinking about checking it out.

    1. Brief recent mentions ...

      Ganesh Temple Canteen
      45-57 Bowne St, Queens, NY 11355

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        I've heard that it's good, all veg. I will try it soon and report back.

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          Regarding my post in the other thread- I have been to the Canteen a few more times, but have not yet had a chance to ask for a 'crispy' dosa (mostly because I wanted to try some of their other offerings). My love for the sambar continues to grow by leaps and bounds, though. I think what really makes it stand out to me is the quality of the tempered oil that is added, and that incredible nutty mustard seed flavor that cuts through everything. It is right about at the level where it could be a bit 'too much' but never goes there.

          The vadas are good- not too dense, with hand made irregularities, and crispy on the outside. They were served to me luke warm, but I take that as a positive because they weren't nuked and retained more texture (I believe the Dosa Hutt nukes theirs.) The idlies are also good- fluffy and not too dense, and a great vehicle for that sambar. And to say that they are generous with the coconut chutney would be an understatement. I really like having it as a lunch option.

        2. We went shortly after the NY times article. We were really unimpressed...samosas were small and dry and tough....I remember ordering the suggested dosas from the nyt article and again were unimpressed. We really preferred those at House of Dosa in Hicksville.

          Found a website thru Chowhound that was an Indian NY newspaper which reviewed various Indian places in NYC. They said the food at the Temple was okay but you'd be better off at the corner place (don't remember name) .Interestingly enough, this newspaper panned almost every Indain spot they reviewed. So much for the NYC Indian Food scene.

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            an addendum : For an interesting take on the state of Indian food in NYC, check out this Indian newspaper's reviews:
   ..... This specifically is a review for Chennai, in Maht. But once there you can see reviews for others in all five boro's and L.I. For the most part the reviews are not good