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Jun 28, 2004 11:32 AM

the best of park slope

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moving to park slope--what are the best restaurants? take out places? TIA!

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  1. This is a difficult question, as there are now about 20 very fine restaurants in Park Slope, depending upon your taste (btw, how can anyone afford to move to Park Slope anymore?).

    Our favorite remains Al Di La.
    French bistros: Moutarde, Belleville, Cocotte
    Fish: Blue Ribbon, The Minnow
    Japanese: Yamato
    Middle Eastern: Olive Tree

    Enjoy and Bon Appetit.

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    1. re: Mark H.

      I wouldn't bother with Moutarde and Belleville, they have the idea, but don't succeed in doing it well.

      But do check out Convovium Osteria.

      1. re: jk

        --Yes, I meant Olive Vine, not Olive Tree. sorry
        --The ravioli with beets have been on Al Di La's menu since it first opened. They are terrific. Anytime they have oven baked fish in a salt crust, order it.
        Please take note of their fine wine list...a depth of selection of regional Italian wines at reasonable prices you are not likely to find elsewhere.
        --I agree that Belleville and Moutarde are far from ideal, but they are reasonably priced and in the neighborhood, as well as being child-friendly.
        More than once at each restaurant, I have had a fine meal. I've never had a "bad" meal at either place.
        --Re: Cocotte's no corkage fee Monday night dinners.
        I wasn't aware of this. What a treat. I love BYOBs, as I can bring a fine wine from my cellar and enjoy the food with less concern about the price. Any other BYO Mondays in Brooklyn? I know Chanterelle does this in Manhattan.

        1. re: Mark H.

          you can bring wine into Bistro St. Marks, but there is, I believe $10 corkage. It may be more. they have good, well priced wines so I would rarely bother.

          1. re: Mark H.

            There's another Olive Vine on 7th Avenue and 15th St. Same good food, same small menu, nice staff, and easier parking than down toward Flatbush Ave.

            Corn Bread Cafe on 7th between 14th and 15th St. does a very good weekend brunch and has excellent fried chicken, meatloaf, catfish and North Carolina pulled BBQ.

            Best of all is Laila, cattey-corner across from Olive Vine -- excellent middle eastern, run by Christians from, I think Syria -- all home-made, generous portions of everything, including a home-baked thickish flat-bread to die for. (Avoid Wednesday night, when a belly-dancer gyrates between the tables, to no particular effect.)

            1. re: KRS

              Convivium has great 'mediteranean peninsula' cooking, the sardines were divine the last time I was there. Biscuits' once-a-month pig pickin' is a must.. although only 15 folks per month get lucky enough to try it. St. Marks Bistro has a great Monday night prix fixe. El Rincon (19th St. @ 5th Ave) is the best Mexican in Park Slope, although the Santa Fe probably has the widest tequila selection if that is your thing.
              Geido on Flatbush for the sushi, and there was a great write up in the Times on a new Haitian restaurant on Flatbush that looks worth trying.
              Good hunting.

            2. re: Mark H.

              isn't their byob night SUNDAY?

              1. re: TBird

                I have no idea, but it's possible - after all, this post is about 3 years old at this point. :)

                1. re: megan

                  thanks. i was simply trying to clear that up without starting yet another park slope thread. :-)

          2. re: Mark H.

            never liked moutarde as much as i tried. and certainly not as much as everyone else seems to. yes, it's cute and beautiful interior and windows are charming. but the food leaves much to be desired.

            1. re: Mark H.

              Did you mean Olive Vine or is this someplace else?

            2. There are a hundred zillion posts of this nature on this board, as there are a ton of Slopers who post here. Do a search from the main page with "Best of Park Slope", or even "Park Slope", and you will get a wide range of opinions and debates.


              1. Asking about burgers or wings will always get you the same answer: Bonnie's Grill.

                1. We went to Al Di La just 2 weks ago for the first time. It's on the same street (and just opposite of) as Moutarde.
                  Very good Venetian food. Had the grilled fresh whole Mediterranean fish special for the night, a very good ravioli stuffed with beets and ricotta.
                  The downside is a 45 minute wait in their bar around the corner because of the no reservations policy.

                  1. Beso on Fifth Avenue, for best place to chill with a margarita. Good food, good desserts, great staff...