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Jun 27, 2004 08:18 PM

Chinatown Flushing Virgin--Help me please!

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Hello, would like to try the best places in Flushing Chinatown..went a long time ago to sweet and tart and thought it expensive and kinda bland well as very small portions...

What can you reccomend that is CLEAN looking at least, and has some good food at fair prices. I am not a very adventurous eater when it comes to Chinese. I stick with chicken, shrimp, scallops, and clams. I like black bean sauce, and anything with chili peppers and garlic. I love watercress, also.

So, please help me break my virginity!
As you can see, it needs to be gentle!

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  1. Went to sweet and tart on sun night as noone answered me back, so decided to go there as hadn't been in years. I had clams in black bean sauce which were good, and priced fair, and my wife wanted to try the shrimp and watercress dumplings because she heard they were supposed to be good. She had thought they had whole shrimp in them and not chopped up. The waiter suggested she get the mixed dumplings with 3 shrimp watercress, 3 shrimp, and 3 shrimp wontons. He told us that the wontons had whole shrimps and the others the shrimp was in pieces but not grinded. He said there was a little pork mixed in. My wife does not eat pork, but thought she could handle a little bit. Anyway, the watercress ones were decent, but the others were just really gross looking and full of pork. She and I honestly do not see the attraction to these dumplings, guess it's an acquired taste. The ones that are all grinded up, just remind me of the things I don't want to think of...we tried, but they just don't do it for either of us...and frankly, the pork is just not something we want. Does anyone make a shrimp dumpling with an actual shrimp in it and nothing else, what about noodletown...what is in theirs? And, can someone address my flushing inquiry, I would really appreciate some direction. Thanks...

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      There are many, many posts on Flushing. Just go to the main search page that I've linked below. If you don't find what you're looking for, post again.

      As an aside: dumpling fillings usually are "chopped up" so if you find that gross, you might want to avoid them.

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        I searched extensively and then posted, and most of the info is outdated, and not specific to tastes that are more reserved. There were some entries for spicy and tasty and only reccomendations for pork and exotic type I am looking for answers to my original post. Chowhound is not just for people that eat more adventurous food, it is a site that is frequented by many people like my wife and I that enjoy ethnic restaurants, but tend to order chicken and basic shellfish dishes, or just vegetable stuff...
        it's funny my wife and I have been going to Sripiphai for many years before we found it on chowhound, when there were no americans there, and you know what, we don't order any of the dishes that are talked about on this site, we order the same 4-5 things for many years, they are consistently excellent. We have always been treated wonderfully there because we are loyal patrons, and they always remember what we order. So we are looking for restaurants that are good, and yes flavorful, but we are beginning to think that the selections we choose are perhaps to ordinary for those that frequent this site to give an opinion on, because we have had few responses to our recent posts in the last couple months.

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          I am not the most adventurous eater but I go to Main Street all the time. I do like Sweet and Tart for their noodle dishes and some dumplings. Joe's Shanghai has been rennovated and should fit what you like. I also like East Lake, once you get past the entrance. At first glance, the menu looks very asian, but you can certainly find enough dishes to choose from.[cash only] Gum Fung is also good, but has weddings on the weekend. The one thing to know is these places are very accomodating. If you want shrimp instead of clams in black bean, just ask. No green peppers, same thing. No pork, pick something else, they'll make it. Try this at any of the recommened restaurants and I'm sure you'll succeed.

          1. re: FranS

            Thank you for your kind response. We looked at Joe's menu when we left sweet and tart and thought it was very expensive. I also ate there a few years ago, and did order clams in black bean sauce, and the sauce was very inauthentic with the green peppers and not the scallion style. I was not impressed with what I had at all, and this is a dish that I judge chinese restaurant by for my tastes. What about spicy and tasty is this the place that everyone says is so great? Thanks for the suggestions...

            1. re: Steve

              We tried Joe's Shanghai last week and were very pleased. Friendly service to all (to the majority Asian clientele and to others), even though it was packed. Pleasant though of course not fancy room. We had the dumplings (yum), clams in black bean sauce (perfect), stir-fried string beans with pork (flavorful and cooked just right).

              Then we walked over to a poets-from-Queens reading at a funky local museum. A lovely evening, and a fun rejoinder to that massively snotty piece in the Manhattan Times a few months ago....

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        Joyce Goldstein

        The wontons at Noodletown are made with whole shrimp. I often get the wonton noodle soup w/roast pork or duck on top and a side of greens in oyster sauce. A great meal!

      3. On Roosevelt Avenue, off Main Street, in the middle of the block is Sezchuan Capital. Clean(at least to look at), good food at cheap prices. Four people can feast for under $30. Best won-ton soup I ever had. Not thick and doughy dumplings. Small, thin dough, tender. Everything is good.

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          Several months ago Sechuan Capital moved to 40 rd, between Main street and Prince street. Recently I have not looked carefully to see how they're doing. I hope they're still there.....

          Just about everyone love "Spicy and Tasty" on Prince street between Roosevelt and 39th ave. If you can't handle spicy food they also have other choices.

        2. For whole shrimp dumplings, you might want to try Har Gow. A popular dish for Dim Sum. Many restaurants seem to offer it as an appetizer lately and not just for Dim Sum (or at least asian-fusion sort of restaurants, but you may have a hard time finding it in the local noodle shops since they probably don't have a special dim sum menu). The dumpling skin is made out of rice (I think), it's not like wonton skin, but more crystalline. It's not really meant to be eaten with noodle soups though.

          1. I don't understand why people keep recommending "Gum Fung," it's definitely just passable dim sum. The best one now is Gala Manor, on the corner of Main St and 37th Ave. It is also the newest restaurant. Prolly the largest dim sum selection out of all the restaurants in the Flushing area. Har Gow is a dim sum dish, it is mashed up shrimp meat rolled up in a ball wrapped in rice noodle skin.

            Also try Spicy and Tasty for Sichuan and Sentosa for Malaysian, both restaurants are on Prince Street.

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