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Jun 22, 2004 11:04 AM

Samurai in Williamsburg

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Has anyone been to the Japanese place Samurai on N. 6th St. just off of Bedford? I think it's fairly new.

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  1. yeah, very solid fish (especially for the price). the ambiance is totally non-existant, but you can't eat that.

    1. i love this place. the sashimi is fresh and well priced. definitely recommend it.

      1. Samurai has been there for a while, friends of mine in the area swear by the place and will only get their sushi from there. My first time eating sushi was at Samurai and it was excellent

        1. yes. samurai has been around for some time. and i think it's the best sushi in the burg. the roll on fire and the brooklyn roll are my favorites. and then of course there's the black pepper tuna tataki. definitely go.