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Jun 17, 2004 01:59 PM

Uncle Jack's in Queens

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Any thoughts on Uncle Jack's steakhouse in Bayside - quality, price, atmosphere? Is it in a local neighborhood.

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    Wendee Greene

    Great Steak.... yummy 20 oz. Lobster Tails (at $3.50 per oz)...the food is good...good steakhouse good, although I once had a really off $50 chilled seafood display.

    Nothing going on re: wine, and even less by the glass.

    The other downside is that the crowd includes some of the most awful nouveau riche posers available....loud too.

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    1. re: Wendee Greene

      Excellent meal all around. Not cheap, but an excellent steakhouse.

    2. Was there about 3 yrs ago and have to say that the Porterhouse was good. But I mean JUST GOOD. Not great! All the sides were very good ( I remember the crabcakes to be excellent) but I am jaded by the Peter Luger experience. To date, I have never tasted better steak anywhere. As far as the crowd being pretentious,..... doesnt that go hand in hand with being in an upscale steakhouse? If you want to stay close to the Bayside area and have to have steak, then Uncle Jack's is certainly a decent option, Just don't expect Lugers!

      1. Just came across this thread. I was there with my family on Monday night, and I guess 10 years makes a big difference. On the one hand, it was the most pleasant place to eat. The quietest steakhouse I have been to, and the clientele was just ordinary people, families like ourselves, and couples. The service was excellent, and the waiter steered me perfectly to the right glass of wine for my steak, not pushing the top of the line at all, saying that it wouldn't match it as well as the others. It was with the food that everything fell short. Caesar salad was dull and bland, but the portobello salad was excellent. Baked clams and onion rings were soggy...too bad, because the clams did have a good flavor. My wife doesn't eat steak, she had the red snapper special...which was pretty good, not remarkable. My son had the rack of lamb, separated into chops with a panko crust. Not necessary. The crust detracted from the basic good flavor. My steak had the opposite problem. Filet mignon...perfectly cooked inside, super tender and with good flavor, but it really needed a nice salty crust, which was missing. I'd like to go back...maybe it was an off night, because the ambiance and service was so good...but it is very expensive.

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        1. re: EricMM

          <<"maybe it was an off night, because the ambiance and service was so good...but it is very expensive.">>

          that sums it up.....

          PS. I haven't been back in some time, but they will not serve a sauce for the steak, no matter how much you ask. and as you say, "it really needed a nice salty crust, which was missing." a good sauce would help, a LOT. but the broilerman probably doesn't know how to do anything else, the dishwasher was too busy and the waitstaff perturbed that I asked for a menu listed sauce and somehow still haven't received it...

        2. Good quality but I'm pretty down on steakhouses. I prefer going to a great butcher and cooking it at home. Expensive, Manhattan prices. Crowd can be hit or miss like most places in Queens. Go to Fino across the street.