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May 29, 2004 09:47 PM

Go Wasabi in Astoria, not worth the price!!

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I had some Sushi delivery the other day from Go Wasabi in Astoria. The sushi was slim and tiny. Also, rice was almost al dente (good for pasta but not for sushi). Worse yet, my sushi set was supposed to contain a piece or two of yellowtail which was nowhere to be found. Instead, there was a piece of tilapia or stripe bass. Yellowtail is too expensive they didn't put it in although they clearly advertise that the sushi set comes with yellowtail. I was still hungry after spending almost $20.

I will stick with Tokyo for sushi in Astoria. I usually get full and satisfied for much less money.

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    Daniels von Daniels

    I agree that go wasabi is not worth the price.

    Shima, on Broadway, is a much better deal, and they tend to have some interesting specials.

    I suppose now I have to try Tokyo. Where is it?

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    1. re: Daniels von Daniels

      Tokyo is on 24th ave. bet. 31St. and 32St.

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        Although I was happy to see a nearby sushi place, I"m not gonna bother. I was skeptical already...isn't it a chain? As for Tokio on Astoria Blvd, it's okay, but nothing to write home about (which would be here, I suppose!) I'm looking forward to checking out JJ's Fusion, recently posted here.

        1. re: muppetdiva

          i liked JJ's fusion -- it's certainly an adventurous place given the neighborhood, and it's trying very hard. i think it falls into the "just a bit off" category -- everything was just a bit off. hopefully it's going to hit a good stride, though -- promising.

      2. re: Daniels von Daniels

        Tokyo is in Japan. Try that Spicy C and S at Go Wasabi before you make reservations, its

        *worth it*

      3. I beg to differ with you. Being that my husband is Japanese from Japan, we only go to restaurants usually run by Japanese sushi chefs. We made an exception for Go Wasabi. The size of the fish is the same size that you would get at most other good sushi restaurants in Manhattan. I went to Sushi Den in Manhattan which has a huge reputation for one of the best places to get raw fish from and you know what, the price was twice as much for half the amount of fish, and it wasn’t as good. The fish taste good at Go Wasabi, it taste fresh, so fresh and yummy and leaves no fishy after taste in my mouth. I have ordered their biggest meal for Sashimi which is $18, and wasn’t able to eat all of it because it filled me up. I have ordered from Tokyo and I would never order from there again. The order that I got was too warm making the fish slimy feeling and it didn’t taste good, they don't keep it cold enough. As for Shima on Broadway, I don't like all the cockroaches that run all over the place. Haven’t gone in there once and not seen a cockroach running around, even once in the case with all the raw fish. I have always got what I have asked for when ordering from Go Wasabi and they usually even give me more then the order is supposed to come with. I love eating there.

        If you want a place that serves BIG slices of fish then you should check out Shiraku in Manhattan in East Village. They cater more to the American version of what they think Sushi and Sashimi is.

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          I am sorry but I totally disagree with you. Go Wasabi has the TINEST SUSHI/SASHIMI I've ever eaten and I know most of the good restaurants in Manhattan have resonable size for their sushi for the SAME PRICE!!So be careful when placing your order at Go Wasabi: you might order a SHRIMP tempura and get a SHRINK tempura insted.

        2. I don't really care for Go Wasabi, mainly because I find the rice so dry and unappealing. I much prefer Watawa, and for sushi gluttony, Ginza on Steinway. Was there a few weeks ago and had All You Can Eat sushi (and apps, soup, and salad) for $16.95! It was a deal, for sure. And quite tasty.

          1. everyone here is arguing over which sushi in astoria is the least horrible, right? though i haven't tried ginza.

            1. I mean come on, it's a KOREAN owned "Japanese" restaurant. Of course it's not that good! I would stick with the Korean dishes on the menu like bibimbap and bulgogi, both of which are totally acceptable. Not mind-blowing by any stretch, but acceptable. And PS, what is up with that tempura-ed beef negimaki???