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May 19, 2004 11:03 AM

wedding reception at restaurant - any suggestions??

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would prefer park slope, fort greene, brooklyn heights, cobble hill, etc area.

60ppl at around $100pp (or less!) - yes i know 60 ppl for private party is a lot, so i would still welcome any suggestions even if the space is smaller.

understated elegance with some artsy or unique elements. outdoor space is a plus.

good service is just as important as wonderful food.


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  1. Not sure what kind of cuisine you were looking for, but I love Madiba in Fort Greene. It is South African. Decor is funky. Food and music are both great. I was hoping to have my reception there, but I have too many ppl. For lunch reception, it can be $25 to $35 per person without space charge. Good luck!

    1. Tempo seems to fit your requirements pretty well, with a range of options from $55 up to $95 including open bar. No outdoor space, but the restaurant itself is lovely, and the size is just about right.

      1. How about Frankie's on Court Street? Hear their outdoor space is great for parties and their food is really tasty.

        1. I've seen some private parties at Palo Santo in Park Slope, which I find to be a very charming space. don't know what the total capacity is. food is delicious.