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Maltese places in New York

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Does anyone know of any Maltese restaurants or happenings in New York City? The only thing I'm aware of is the Maltese Cultural Center in Astoria -- that neighborhood having once been home to a small Maltese diaspora. Anyone aware of anything else?


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  1. hi i m also a maltese in new york and looking for maltese restaurants or bakers..did u manage to find anything?? if so pls let me know i m dying for some good maltese food or bread :)

    thanks a lot

    1. You can (or at least could) get Maltese pastizzi here:

      JMJ Baking Corp
      38-11 23rd Street
      Long Island City NY 11100
      (718) 392.7280

      You may want to call in advance to see if they still have them.

      Here's a link to a review I wrote a while back:


      1. The Maltese Club you mentioned in Astoria usually has both frozen and cooked pastizzi. Around the holidays they also stock some of the sweet treats like the molasses ring, can't remember the Maltese name, but it's delicious. Definitely call before going though. When we stopped by about a month ago they were out of pastizzi. Also know that they're only open Friday late afternoon/evening through Sunday afternoon. They are extremely friendly over there and do sponsor a few events during the year where I'm sure the food is wonderful.

        JMJ Baking Corp is also a fun place to visit. We called before we went and when we walked in the owner right away recognized my husband as being Maltese. Needless to say, we were wisked into the back where he showed us the commercial bakery and were sent home with the most wonderful pastizzi.

        1. Does the Maltese Club have a restaurant, or do they only serve food at those events?

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            More like a bit of a social club/bar, with the Maltese soda and very standard beers & a few cocktails, not a restaurant. They do serve cooked pastizzi at the bar and I think sometimes hamburgers. It's almost always all men in there, but they were friendly and accepting when my husband and I stopped in. Usually there's soccer playing on the TVs and there's also a pool table.

          2. Hmmm... Kinnie, Cisk, and a pastizzi. I have the feeling my weekend is shaping up.

            1. Thank you for the post. Has anyone been here recently? Very interested but I live in Central NJ.

              1. malta recently opened in williamsburg. their menu is on menupages.

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                  Is there anything Maltese about this place? It looks like a fairly standard Italian menu and not much in the way of anything intrinsically Maltese. (Not that it's drastically different from Italian, but it is enough I'd think.)

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                    I can't figure out why it's called Malta. I was just there last weekend. Def. not Maltese. It's spanish (i guess)? I had a very bland paella, some delicious sangria and some really good french fries. Very average. They have a really nice garden in the back.

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                      yes, i assumed a restaurant called 'malta' would be serving maltese food! very odd.

                2. Actually JMJ told me that now they will only make them around the holidays so nows the time.

                  My family actually came out of Astoria to Nassau county and in the tradition, I am out in Suffolk county and wondering if there was anywhere out this wa that I could find a shop that made Pastizzi?

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                    FIND a place that sells Sfogliatelle , its the same dough. Ask to buy the dough. Fill and bake at home.

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                      Wow thanks Joe for a response to this old thread!

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                        Next question where do I find these shells?