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May 2, 2004 04:38 PM

Greene Grape - Fort Greene, Brooklyn

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Had a great experience shopping at the new wine store in Fort Greene yesterday. It's called Greene Grape and is located at 765 Fulton Street. A small but good selection of wines priced from about $9 - $25 per bottle. Friendly, enthusiastic staff all of whom live locally and want to be good neighbors. Another good bonus is that they are open on Sundays (closed Mondays). I highly recommend Greene Grape.


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  1. just walked in 10 minutes ago. seems to be a real down to earth cool neighborhood wine place. the store is divided into sections, depending on what area the wines are from , ie california, italy, france, australia, etc.

    well lit, with low ceilings and ample air conditioning.

    1. $2.45 for a large regular coffee is too much.

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        Why is a wine store selling coffee, anyways?