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Apr 15, 2004 06:31 PM

Joy Indian Restaurant - Excellent!

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We had a terrific meal for two - for the special Brooklyn Week - $18.95.

Not only were portions very large, but the food was some of the best Indian we've had in New York. Try the Dumpakht- like a large pot pie - delicious lamb curry in a bowl covered with a Nan type pastry. The Nan bread was also very good and enough for two or three. Also, unlike a lot of Indian restaurants, each dish did have a unique taste. Strongly recommended!

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  1. i'm with ya. i've been singing the praises of this place for months. great samosas, excellent chicken tikka masala, wonderful channa chat. the best take out place in park slope (or on the border of park slope).

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      Where is this place?

    2. Yes, everyone should try to go this week (Brooklyn Restaurant Week)for the $18.99 dinner for two (!) special. It's incredible!!! It includes your choice of soup, appetizer, any entree but lobster (one entree must be vegetarian), bread, rice, dal, cabbage and dessert. All of our courses were delicious. (The naan bread is gorgeous.) And they absolutely do not minimize the portions for the special. Between us, my husband and I went home with a second dinner. This was my first time at Joy, and I was really WOWED by it. Yum! Yum! (Their regular prices were also great if you can't make it this week.)

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        Christine Hodge

        I will echo this sentiment. My husband and I did the Dinner for 2 takeout and it was awesome. We will be ordering again.

      2. We too love Joy, and have been customers since they opened about a year ago. They are on Flatbush at Prospect Place. I programmed their phone number into my cellphone 718-230-1165.

        In addition to the already noted "Dumphuck" (I think it's OK to giggle when you order), they have multi-course take out (or eat in) menu's for the Tandoori special menu for $24.95 or curries of $22 (I think), both of which include two appetizers, two soups (we like both the mushroom and the Mulagutauny sp?), two mains, massive quantities of decent rice, bread, and dessert. I always try to get them to exhange the dessert for a side spinach veggie order for no charge. I'm 55% successful. But even so, paying such reasonable prices for great food is a JOY!

        Only thing I would wish for would be better onion and corriander chutney condiments.

        GO...or stay home and have them GO! Enjoy! JOHN

        1. I've been to Joy a three times in the year I have lived nearby and can't for the life of me figure out what there is to like. Like most other "Indian" restaurants, the staff/management is not Indian-American. They use pizza dough to make naan, like most everyone else. The meat quality is poor and the spice mixture tastes stale and weak to me.

          Have the people in this thread been to Pongal and some of the places on Lexington Ave, or Tabla? As someone who lived & worked there recently, maybe I'm used to a different quality level.

          Perhaps I missed on different nights, but I'ld gladly take TastyBite over Joy.


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            I don't completely agree, but I do have a hard time understanding the raves about Joy. The lamb tandoori, which I almost always get, is pretty good, but not great. The chicken tandoori has very nice, moist cuts of meat though.

            The chutney/condiments are watery and dull and the samosas are bland beyond compare. My tastes come from having grown up in a S. Indian household, but even that considered, most of the dishes that I have tried really lack flavor.

            Aside from a couple of ok dishes, I am not really gung-ho about Joy.


          2. I just had Joy's Shagoti curry with lamb, and damn is that good! Hadn't ordered from Joy in over a year -- had been ordering from Kinara, but I think I'm feelin' Joy-ful again.