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Mar 10, 2004 10:59 AM

giando on the water, water's edge -- opinions? recs?

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a friend is scouting out spots-with-views for her wedding and has short-listed williamsburg's "giando on the water" and long island city's "water's edge." she is looking to have a banquet-style event for up to 100 people... does anyone have opinions regarding either place? or recommendations for other spots?

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  1. Been to both. Waters EDge is terrifice with great views. Giando has great views but the food has gone downhill.

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    1. re: Irving

      Sorry to butt in, but my family is considering Waters Edge for a 70th birthday party for an aunt - the web site says they have dinner cruises - does anyone know anything about that????

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        They don't have dinner cruises. They have a ferry that runs from the 34th street piers in Manhattan to the restaurant and back.

        I had lunch there kast week and they were doing some work in the dining room. We sat upstairs. It is not as nice so check, although I am sure they have finished or will finish in a day or two.

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          I went to a bar mitzvah there that during the cocktail hour took the kids on a boatride with a dj and kid style drinks and hors d'oeuvres. You can charter their boat,and I guess they'll arange food, entertainment, whatever. The kids loved it. The adults were envious.

      2. Haven't been to either but have had two recommendations for Water's Edge. A jazzman who's played many places recommended the food and occasionally brought some home when he was playing there. And the Mexican owner of Tierras Mexicanas was saying that the chef is a friend of his and occasionally comes and cooks something in their kitchen. He felt that Water's Edge had a perfect menu. I have seen the view though, and it's very impressive.

        1. Giando on the Water has a great view. The food though is pretty bad. I reccomend it to people for drinks only.

          1. I've been to Giando's about 4 or 5 times - the food was always more than respectable. I've not been there in about 18 months - at least one earlier poster said that the food had fallen off a bit. I can't confirm this.

            My understanding is that Water's Edge is significantly higher priced - a major consideration when multiplied out for a full wedding group.

            Your friend would be best served by having a meal in each place.

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              Linda Melodia

              We had our wedding there 10 years ago and go back all the time for dinner. I like going to Giando on the water...the food is always good and the view is just spectacular, people are freindly. The water's edge is much higher priced, good food but less portions I thought, but another great view. We have some great restaurant on the rivers here in NY.

              1. re: Linda Melodia

                HI Linda,

                Re: your opinions recs Giando reply, what do you order when you go. Any favorites to eat when you're there. I'm Going soon for dinner.

                Thanks. =^..^=

            2. After reading all the Giando's wedding reviews, I decided to check it out for myself. My thought being how bad can it be if the views are that good, and the truth is...not bad! I had an excellent stuffed veal chop, my fiance had the prix fix with pasta (penne vodka), salad (caesar) and entree (veal marsala) which was also good. The views are the best hands down. We went to bubbys, and river cafe, and everytime i saw Giando's crossing the wmsburg bridge, i knew they MUST have the best views! The truth though is that it looks like you are going to have a mafioso wedding. I would LOVE to have my wedding here, because of the views and I thought the food was really great! I just want the wedding to match our style.I am considering getting a wedding planner/designer to be able to make a tasteful vintage wedding out of a Soprano's wedding locale...:)

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                I was there for drinks last April and took a few pictures.