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Feb 25, 2004 01:29 PM

Supercore: Japanese cafe in Williamsburg

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I just made my fourth visit to Supercore last night and finally remembered to post something about this little gem!

It's a cozy little place with a good selection of coffee, tea, beer, wine and SAKE.

their food definitely shouldn't be overlooked, either. they have a menu of small japanese dishes--and offer a $5.95 lunch special where you can choose any three, and it comes with a rice ball.

i had dinner there last night: mackerel cooked in sake with rice and cold spinach salad. the mackerel itself had a delicate and complex flavor and a moist texture--i'm still imagining the taste of it right now.

so anyway, check it's on Bedford and South 2nd street. it's a nice escape from the rest of the williamsburg scene.

by the way, on sundays they have live music.

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  1. I'd have to disagree. I went there this past weekend, largely because of your recommendation I think, but was underwhelmed. It was interesting, in that there were a handful of ingredients in the dishes I had never seen before, which always excites me, but the taste was just not there. I got the lunch special, and every one of the dishes was rather bland, or just plain not-very-good I thought. The cold spinach salad had almost no taste. The chicken stew was OK, but again, lacking in flavor. Perhaps I should have tried the mackerel.
    The place was pretty cool however - good place to just hang out and do some work or read, and the live music was OK.

    1. I used to live next door to this place whe I was in the berg a few years ago. Gross! I am hoping they have new management because I would have never eaten there. Their hours of operations seemed to be optional. Their milk for coffee was old and the pasties were stale.

      1. supercore is one of my favorite cafes - great ambiance, delicious green tea lattes (cold with whipped cream is especially good), and i can also recommend the meatballs over rice. i wouldn't rely on it for a meal, but it's great as a cafe to hang out in. my friends and i have consistenly voted this cafe as the place we would live in if we had to live in a cafe for the rest of our lives.

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          The food was tasty, but the service was quite bad. Not nasty, just poor. We waited a very long time, other people go their food before us, and after we ordered desert and asked for it four more times, it never came. The waitress finally admitted that they had run out. We were mainly served by one waitress, but another greeter-waitress also served us a bit. When it came time to pay, we got tired of waiting for the check so we went to the counter and asked the greeter-waitress to pay. The whole experience was extremely slow. We left a small tip -exactly 10 % and walked outside. To my amazement the hostess called after me and informed me that "service is not included". I said, "yes, I know." She held out the tip on the tray and looked me in the eyes. I was speechless at first and then confirmed that she was trying to tell me that the tip was too small. I said that the tip was small because we didn't get what we ordered. She just stood there, tip tray in hand. I said "I think you are pushing it". She apologised and walked back inside.

          305 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

          1. re: jmk60

            I have been here a time or two.. I thought it was a very charming little place.. me and the girl played hookie one day.. Service was terribly slow but, it was a beautiful day and we hung outside and drank..

            Food was healthy and delicate.. It was not a destination but, a place to get a small bite and a beer and linger.. Like super duper linger..

            Two tables of people left before their food came.