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Feb 11, 2004 03:06 PM

Stuck in Roslyn Heights

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I'll be stuck in Roslyn Heights for a few months. Any good places to chow around the area. Please provide directions or addresses. Thanks.

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  1. Chicken kebab on willis ave is great for chicken kebab and lamb, great greek salad and yogurt sauce very fresh food and popular comfortable place that is inexpensive and always reliable. Also good is Attilio's pizza, great pizza and good basic italian pastas...I go for pizza and great garlic knots. Also the mexican place, that is a little further down in a strip mall, called Green Cactus mexican grill serves very fresh mexican food no msg or chemicals, reliable and inexpensive, we also eat at the branch in FOrest Hills, in queens...anyway, hope this helps........

    1. Try TOFU on Willis Ave south of the LIE for good sushi and decent chinese for Long Island. The sushi is pricy but in that neighborhood nothing is inexpensive........
      also there are many good restaurants north of Roslyn in Port Washington.....You need to go far down Main St to check out Montego Bay restaurant for Island Food (upscale) and Louie's could always hop the LIRR into the city........

      1. On Glen Cove Rd, across the street from the entrance to the Pathmark parking lot, there is a decent Chinese TakeOut place. Nothing spetacular, but edible. I think it is called Sichuan Express. Back on the Pathmark side, there is Ben's Deli.

        Again, if memory serves right, in downtown Roslyn, right around the clock tower on Main St, there is a pretty good restuarant called the Elephant Room. The dinning room is cute and it has a view of the Roslyn pond. The bar is also nice.

        I've never been but have heard many good things about the chicken kabob place that one of the posters mentioned.

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          Just a bit of info...The Elephant Room (and its successor Tower and Main) has been closed for a while and nothing new has gone in there. Sorry. Did have a nice bar and view of the pond.

          1. re: pwrube

            That's too bad. Yeah, it has been a while since we last lived around the area. What about the Fisherman's Wharf(name?)? I have never been there. Is that any good? Come to think of it, along the same road, there is also Friend of the Farmers. Don't know if it is still around...

            1. re: Luisa

              Friend of the Farmer has moved to, I think, Locust Valley. Fisherman's Wharf is not ringing a bell, sorry.

              1. re: Luisa

                Are you thinking of The Jolly Fisherman?. It has been there forever with a nice view of the pond and some decent seafood.Decor has not changed in ages and as for the crowd, lets just say that at lunch,it looks like heavens waiting room. That being said,I have been there many times with family and have always had at least a good tasty meal, but nothing special.
                The original poster might want to try Bistro Cintron on main street. They are pretty good at the french bistro style with good service. I have enjoyed a few meals there before the seeing a movie up the block.

                1. re: stuartlafonda

                  just came from the jolly fisherman, 2 hours to get steamed clams
                  for 6 . left without eating dinner. place sucks.

          2. Plenty of great places to eat.
            Eddie's Pizza on New Hyde Park Rd has very very thin crust inexpensive pizza in a dank atmosphere. They are listed and would be happy to provide directions.
            If you want great seafood/ a nice ride, take a drive to Bayville and visit Wahl's Wharf. Scenic drive and good not too pricey food.
            In Glen COve (10 minute drive) you have La Bussola which is a family Italian place that will make you anything you want. Incredible Shrimp Oreganata amongst other fantastic stuff.
            Closer by, Kitchen Kabaret on Glen Cove Road just north of the LIE makes great sandwiches (Steak Terriyaki w/ peppers and onions is a winner)and has some pretty good prepared foods.
            Good Luck Chowing

            1. Green Cactus Mexican is excellect and a few miles down the road (south) is a good pizza/pasta place called Da Angelo. I come all the way down from Port Washington for both places.