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Feb 6, 2004 11:44 AM

restaurants in queens

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hey guys,

do you recommend any good restaurants in queens? it can be any ethnic restaurants.


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  1. Sara,

    It would be helpful if you narrowed this request down somewhat. What kinds of cuisines are you interested in? What price range? What neighborhoods? Is wine an issue?

    This Outer Boroughs board has hundreds, if not thousands of posts on restaurants in Queens. Look around, do some searches...

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    1. re: Nina W.

      Nina is right. I refer to Queens as ethnic food heaven. More languages are spoken in Queens than any other similar place, in the world. This translates into a lot of people from a lot of different places. A lot of the restaurants do not have much atmosphere, but the food can be excellent and a great value. But before anyone can begin to recommend places we need to know what you are looking for. There are too many different restaurants in Queens that are recommended here.

    2. thai-sri phaphai -in woodside 2stars nytimes
      korean is big in queens sunnyside has plenty of them
      flushing is riddled with great chinese new lok kee for cantonese and spicy and tasty for sichuan
      jackson hieghts is india town

        1. i also want to stress how helpful the search function is. just type in any neighborhood, for starters, and see what comes up. if you put in sunnyside, flushing, forest hills, for example - there are tons of great listings out there.

          if you want a certain ethnicity, put in the type of ethnicity and see what comes up. you should see all the queens gems that have been discussed pop up within your search results.