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Terrace Bagel - Windsor Terrace

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I read in the New York Times that Terrace Bagel has excellent bagels. Do chowhounds agree with this assessment?

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  1. Good, but also try Bagel Hole on 7th Ave. around 12-14 streets.

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      Terrace's bagels are very good, but I think Bagel Hole's are a cut above. Bagel Hole bagels are slightly smaller and a little crispier (if that's the right word) than Terrace's. Bagel Hole does not do well in the appetizing department though (and avoid the coffee at all costs). Bagel Hole's on 7th bet. 12th and 13th.

      1. re: Steve S.

        I noticed a Bagel Hole on Coney Island Avenue near Avenue J. Does anybody know if it's related to the 7th Ave. establishment? (Haven't tried the CIA place.)

        1. re: Denise R.

          The excellent Kosher Bagel Hole on Coney Island Ave. near Ave. L is not related to the one on 7th Ave., which is, IMHO, not good (full of sugar).

          1. re: KRS
            uncle moishy

            The Kosher Bagel Hole is on Coney Isl Av at Av K (not L), fronting the northbound bus stop on CIA. Their other store is on the corner of Av J and E 15 St, the same corner as the revered DiFara's. They do make good bagels, also good twists and pretzels (but avoid the bialies, imo). The fish appetizing is decent; the lox is handsliced, but in advance into quarter-lb. packages. The whitefish is very good, and they do a good job filleting it for you. For fish, I go to the CIA store (the orig).

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              Thanks for the tips! I have been looking for a reliable whitefish source. I'll try it soon.

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        Joyce Goldstein

        I agree that the Bagel Hole is good but it has been downhill for a while now. I'm going to try the Windsor Terrace one to see if it's better.

      3. Yes, yes, and yes. They're also super friendly, and if you go there for lunch, they also have an amazing sandwich called the South Brooklyn. Hot turkey, grilled mushroom and onions and melted provolone on a roll or a hero. Divine.

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          yes, and they have really good baked salmon spread.

        2. I think Terrace makes great bagels. We've been going out of our way for them for years, and they are the bagel of choice when we need to buy for out-of-towners. All the classics: egg bagels, excellent cinnamon raisin, everything bagels with a good amount of salt... my favorite is definitely the pumpernickel.

          Terrace also supplies to the park slope food co-op: 33ยข a bagel!

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            thanks for the info about terrace supplying the co-op - i was wondering about that.

            1. re: brooklynmonkey

              and there was a sign in the Coop today that there were no bagels because Terrace's oven was out. Wonder if maybe they were just overwhelmed.

          2. Terrace Bagels are the best I've ever had. Since moving to Jersey, I've given up trying to find anything that comes close, at least near me. I just stopped buying locally. I will invent an excuse to drive to Windsor Terrace and stock up. BTW, with all due respect to those posters who prefer Bagel Hole, I could never agree that they could ever compare with Terrace.

            1. I respect Ed Levine lot but he corectly defined bagels as being small, chewey and crusty and than went wild over Terrace Bagels- which are good but much too big and doughy. He didn't mention the Bagel Hole which makes a real NY old fashioned bagel. He clearly didn't do his homework.

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              1. re: josh L

                Terrace Bagels makes a mini bagel that is much more like the smaller bagels everyone remembers. Same great taste without being large and doughy.

              2. I suppose I fancy myself a bagel expert: a food-loving, NY-native Jew who grew up on bagels and lox (nova, of course), and saw the gradual deterioration (and outrageous increase in price) of the world-reknowned H&H bagel on the UWS. I have tried pretty much every bagel locale that has ever received positive press. In my opinion, Terrace Bagels and Bagel Hole bagels have little more in common than that they call themselves by the same name. Terrace Bagels bagels are huge, doughy, meal-in-a-bagel-type things: when they are well-cooked, they are delicious, but they have recently been undercooked and raw-tasting and -textured. But their flavor is malty and delicious, and they have a huge array of spreads, cheeses, meats, etc., as well as a cute cafe next door that serves their bagels with omelets, bacon, and tons of other options.

                Bagel Hole has little, crisp, chewy bagels, and it's all they do. For people who are true traditionalists (and yes, it amazes me that this place didn't get mentioned in the NYT article, as it's one of the only ones left that makes old-style bagels), Bagel Hole bagels are really the only choice, but for people who see the softer, larger version as an improvement, these will be too much jaw-work for not enough return.

                As for me, it depends on my mood, and I will throw another name into the mix: Bergen Bagels on Bergen and Flatbush. They are sort of a mid-way point between the two: doughier than Bagel Hole and not as much work to chew, but smaller and generally better-cooked than Terrace. And they have excellent, smoky whitefish spread and very good black-and-whites, to boot.

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                  We live near Bergen Bagel and I rather like their bagels as bread, but dont you find their product awfully sweet for a bagel? I do.

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                    Bagel Hole's bagels aren't *that* little. I couldn't eat two of them, and I'm something of a glutton. But they're definitely a lot tastier and chewier than Windsor Terrace's doughboys.

                  2. yeah, terrace is a big squishy bagel. nothing special

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                    1. re: mpls brat

                      I was recently introduced to Terrace bagels and I must say that I haven't had a better bagel in my life. It's out of the way for me but REALLY worth the trip to stock up.

                      1. re: mpls brat

                        Here's my take: If I'm eating them right away, Bagel Hole (the better classic bagel for sure) is the way to go. If i'm going to freeze them as I often do, I go Windsor. The delicious, angry little bagel from The Hole doesn't freeze so well.