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Dec 25, 2003 09:43 AM

wedding at Grand Prospect Hall

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Has anyone had or been to a wedding at Grand Prospect Hall? I am planning a wedding for late summer, curious to hear any thoughts. Other places we are looking at include the Palm House and River Cafe, so any thoughts on those would be appreciated as well!

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  1. GPH is not the most picturesque location. It's on an ugly street overlooking the Prospect Expressway. The rooms there are opulent, but the place definitely has a wedding factory vibe. Can't vouch for the chow there. River Cafe, on the other hand, is in a class by itself. The location is 5-star and the food has gotten some good reviews. Another location to consider: The Boathouse in Central Park. A beautiful setting, good food too.

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      Ask them for a complete food tasting and take along a professional "eater" to document the experience.

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        Ledra Horowitz

        Thanks for the tip re wedding hall vibe. Duly noted. I have heard many good things about The Palm House at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Has anyone had or been to a wedding there and would like to share?

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          I've been to lots of events at the Palm House over the past 10 years and have been wowed every time except the last (Mid December). It was an hors d'oeuvres only party and the food was OK but not spectacular. But aside from that experience, I thought their caterer was great both in terms of food and service. And the setting is spectacular. If you are willing to pay the big bucks (a lot more than GPH I assume), it's certainly worth it. The River Café is wonderful but I doubt if it can handle as many people as the Palm House or GPH. Another wonderful setting in that area is the Picnic House in Prospect Park. You supply your own caterer. Price wise, it is probably a bargain and if the wedding is in the warmer months you can have the ceremony outdoors in the park.

          By the way, GPH is a trip. If you guests are into retro or have a sense of humor, they may love it. It can be lots of fun, but as others have said, it is a mill and not a class act.

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            Palm House is a gorgeous setting for a wedding. The food the two times I've been there has been mixed. Some things were very good, some not to my taste at all. I priced it for my wedding 2 years ago and it was way out of our budget range.

            I haven't seen a commercial for Grand Prospect Hall in ages, but they always cracked me up. Definitely a wedding factory vibe.

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              I had my wedding there. I chose it over the New York Botanical because I think Abigail Kirsch food is way over-hyped and because, as far as weddings go, the place is much more beautiful. (I.e., all glass conservatory as opposed to swags, chandeliers and murals on the walls and plstic garden chairs at the ceremony.)

              The food was excellent, the service was excellent and the place was beautiful. Everything was perfect. Guests are still talking about it and rave about the inidividualized attention they received from the service.

          2. Grand Prospect hall is excellent. Not at all a "factory." More like a working-class banquet hall, with over-the-top everything. Bring irony, and it'll be a great party.

            1. Just attended a wedding there last night and it was not a good situation. Would not recommend.
              1) There was no air conditioning until about 3 hours later and many complaints from the guests and workers (the staff was visibly sweating as obviously were the guests)---at the end of the evening, we were told that one of the compressors had not been turned on that was why it was so hot, which is something that I think should have been checked before any guests arrived
              2) Food was not good; if it were not for the fact that I was starving, I would have passed on the dinner (i could eat about 1/4 of it)

              There are far better venues for weddings in Brooklyn, especially places where your business would be appreciated

              1. Although not a wedding, we had our holiday party (for about 35--400 guests) at GPH.
                It was a nightmare from start to finish. When we arrived at 7:30pm, the parking Valets refused to park anymore "Big cars" b/c there was no more room.(We were in a Lexus sedan) We had to find parking and walk in a not so great at night, area.Then there were the non working restrooms on the second floor,(Not broken: Under planned renovation) necessitating a trip and a l-o-n-g wait at the restrooms on the Lobby level. The event was clearly understaffed. First they ran out of plates and silverware, Then, worst of all, they ran out of food! By the time they called some of the tables to go to the buffet, there was no more hot food, only salads. Only after people started to complain about empty buffet platters did mgmt finally begin to attempt to address the situation. Even then they brought out deli sandwich platters and bowls of potato, coleslaw and macaroni salads!. They literally had no more prepared hot food! It was so ridiculous we were actually laughing at the absurdity. I have to say, had it been something more personal than an office party, we would not have been laughing at all

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                  I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through that Tay. However, I think that Grand Prospect Hall is a great venue. I've been to a few events there and enjoyed all of them. Most notably, my best friend just had a wedding there. The service was very courteous and professional and the food was very tasty. As a guest I definitely didn't have to worry about all the details that go into planning an event but I think that the banquet coordinators at Grand Prospect Hall handled all of my friends requests with care and professionalism.

                2. I just have to say that the grand prospect hall tv commercial is the greatest 30 seconds ever caught on film. my prediction is in 20 years that commercial will be a cult classic.

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                    there's one of similar greatness that I grew up with in NJ for this place: