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Dec 20, 2003 05:42 PM

Where to eat in Whitestone/Bayside?????

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Just moved in from Baltimore and after wasting money at a few barely palatable places, I am looking for some suggestions from those who know the area!??? Thanks!!!

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  1. Donovan's on 41 Ave in Bayside, just off Bell Blvd. is good. Well known for their burgers.

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      Steak: Napa and Sonoma on the side of the Cross Island by 149st. Even better, Uncle Jack's on Bell Blvd.

      Take out sandwiches/deli: Cherry Valley on 150st. Great place open 24/7/365.

      Pizza: Cascarino's in the shopping area with Walbaums... I think 10th ave and 149st. Also a location on College Point Blvd. Great margarita, BBQ chicken and Gorgonzola/potato (don't knock it until you try it).

      Cheap chinese take-out. Keilly: one on 14th ave and 132st in Whitepoint shopping center.

      Italian Ice: Crispino's on 9th and and College Pt. Blvd. Also on 32nd ave in the 200s (I think).

      Pretty good Thai/Vietnamese: Chau on Francis Lewis Blvd., maybe 26th ave.

      Burger: the before mentioned Donovan's is good. Also, pretty good is BK Sweeney's by the Douglatson LIRR station. If you want HUGE burgers, go with Jackson Hole on Bell and 35th(?).

      Good Italian-American. I forget the name, but it has a green awning, looks like a Pizzeria, and is right next to Uncle Jack's.

      Good, simple Greek: Kati Allo on Francis Lewis, a block from Utopia Parkway.

      Good Italian Deli/Salumeria: Corona Park Pork Store: 12th ave or so on Clintonville (right off 150st), Tony's Beechhurst Deli: up the block from Cascarino's, Soriso's on 150st, and a place on 149st, a block from Napa and Sonoma and the Cross Island, something with a "V", great ravioli's, etc.

      Good pubs/bars all up and down Bell Blvd.

      Hmmm... I'll try to think of more as I'm forgetting. Welcome to the neighborhood. What brings you here from Baltimore. Sorry, not to be nosy, but this area isn't exactly a hot spot for transplants.

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        The ravioli place is E. Varsi on 149st and 16rd.

        The Itlian-American is Il Vesuvio.

        Also, for upscale Italian, Papazzio, right next to Uncle Jack's.

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          Check out The Crazy Moose Saloon accross the street from Uncle Jacks on Bell

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            very good frozen gnocchi at varsi fyi

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            Cherry Valley is good but I'm a Cristina's man myself. Right across the street from each other for those who haven't been to either.

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          Of course, don't forget downtown Flushing for a mecca of Asian fare... Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.

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            Steven Goldstein

            Hi, Shawna - I grew up in the area and still go there to visit family, and one of the best Chinese restaurants in the five boroughs is in Bayside. It's the Baybridge Chinese Restaurant near the foot of the Throgs Neck bridge - it's your typical neighborhood Chinese place in decor, probably what like what you went to if you lived by chance in Pikesville, MD or another neighborhood where Chinese food is popular. But Baybridge's food is really several cuts above and at the same prices - it's certainly as good as anything in Manhattan. Only problem is, tons of people now seem to know this (a Chowhounder's lament!!!), so it's always packed, but they move folks briskly, sometimes too much so. PS Not to be confused with the awful chinese restaurant in the Bay Terrace shopping center or some other mediocre ones in the area.

            1. Sushi: Akiyama (actually in College Point near Whitestone border). Across from Whitepoint Shopping Center and next to CVS drugstore at corner of 14th Aven and 132 Street.
              Sit-In Pizza: Clinton Restaurant on corner of 10th Ave and Clintonville has a pizza that is of the quality of John's pizza in Greenwich Village.

              1. Erawan is a great Thai restaurant on Bell Boulevard in Bayside, as is its fancier offshoot, Erawan Steak & Seafood on 39th just off Bell. Gino's Trattoria at the corner of Bell and 35th is good and affordable Italian. I second Papazzio for more upscale Italian. Il Vesuvio next door for great pizza, though pricey. We've had erratic service at the greek place, Pelagos, though the fish is certainly fresh. We also venture regularly to Flushing for dim sum and more; it's really not far at all!