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Dec 16, 2003 10:12 AM

Ground Turkish coffee

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Does anyone know of a place in Queens that sells GOOD ground Turkish coffee??

I bought an Ibrik as an Xmas gift and need the coffee... :)

And as an aside, if anyone knows where to purchase a hookah (nagilla) it would be a help..


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  1. I'm sure it's all there on Steinway, but in case it's not... I've picked up ground Turkish coffee on Atlantic Ave. in Cobble Hill and bought my nargile on 5th Ave. in Bay Ridge... I'll try and find the exact name of the place I bought it at but it was Middle Eastern gift shop and the owner was from Marrakech... good price - $30 for a very ornate one with all the fixins and some strawberry tobacco... though I think he knocked some money off of it because I'd been to Marrakech...

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    1. re: Lambretta76

      "good price - $30 for a very ornate one with all the fixins and some strawberry tobacco"

      That's what I'm looking for... :)

      I found a few on the net but they didn't impress me.. Plus it's getting close to Xmas...Not sure if it will make it here in time...

      THx for the info...

    2. I can tell you a couple of places in Sunnyside, all within 5 minutes walk within each other.
      Excellent coffee at Baruir, N side of Queens Blvd. and 40th St (or is it 41st?), roasted and ground on the spot. They also vaccum pack in case you want to stock up, just ask.
      Nagilla at Sunny Grocery, corner of 46th St. and 43rd Ave, small turkish grocery store with resonable prices, and at 43rd Ave and 43rd St (on the corner also) a middle eastern store.
      If you need aditional directions let me know.

      1. I like a Lebanese brand called Cafe Najjar. It's available at most Middle Eastern or Turkish shops in Sunnyside/Astoria in a vacuum pack with or without cardamom.

        The silver label Cafe Najjar is easy to find. There is an even better green label Cafe Najjar Brasilien but it is hard to find.

        1. you guys know you can approximate turkish coffee pretty easily using regular coffee right?

          just add a few cardamom seeds in there before you brew. you can also experiment by adding clove and cinnamon too.

          no its not exactly the same, but the taste is very close and it works for me in a pinch.

          1. I don't know if you can get "good" Turkish coffee since everything is pre-ground and slow shipped. But you can use any coffee bean as long as it's Turkish ground (very very fine). You need a professional-quality coffee grinder to get the coffee as fine as it needs to be. But many stores that sell coffee have them and will grind your coffee if you're nice to them. I've never seen a home grinder able to grind fine enough. My favorite Turkish/Greek coffee is from beans from my favorite coffee shop in Boston. Use whatever coffee you like.

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              «You need a professional-quality coffee grinder to get the coffee as fine as it needs to be» Depends how fussy you are. 90% of the coffee I drink is made at home in an Ibrik with a good grade of mocha java with a few french roast beens thrown in. I grind it using a home grade "burr" coffee grinder at its finest setting. Not quite as fine as stone milled professionally ground, but works well enough for us.