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Dec 10, 2003 06:15 PM

Best Places to Pick Up Dinner Driving Home on BQE

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I need to drive to the city this week from Huntington. I take the LIE to the BQE, then take Williamsburgh Bridge. Reverse on way home. I usually pull of at Northern Boulevard to pick up Indo/Pak at Sunshine Restaurant. Thought I'd do something different this time. Any ideas for great places that are right off the highway? Any type of food, preferably something that will keep OK in traffic.

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  1. Are you sure you even pass by the Northern Blvd. exit on that route or are you really on the GCP?

    Anyway, go for the Roosevelt Avenue exit (Northbound BQE), make a left under the tracks for five blocks and head for the Sripraphai (near 65th Street).

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    1. re: Mike R.

      Good thinking. And yes, Northern Boulevard is an exit or two past Roosevelt Ave.

      1. re: sbp

        True, Northern and Roosevelt are consecutive BQE exits, but the route you described (LIE to BQE to WillieB) would not take you by those exits. You would only pass them if you went from the LIE to the BQE in the other direction, Northbound - toward LaGuardia and the Grand Central Parkway, rather than toward Brooklyn.

        Maybe you're taking the LIE to the Grand Central (past LaGuardia) and then to the BQE? That would explain how you would pass Roosevelt & NOrthern on the BQE. It's a longer way around, but it does take you past more chow options.

        Anyway, in answer to your question, if you exit at Roosevelt, there's nothing that approaches the easy on/off access of Sunshine (not to mention there's no equivalent around Roosevelt to the convenience of sneak parking in the BK lot on Northern.) I think Roosevelt Ave. traffic would be pretty frustrating if a quick stop is what you're hoping for. Still, there are a number of decent options if you just need a change. They have all been discussed on this board before, do a search for their names and see if any of them is compelling-sounding enough to draw you off your usual route. I agree with the above poster, Sripraphai is a very strong magnet, worth going the small, extra distance for.

        If you make a right onto Roosevelt, (coming from Brooklyn) you pass Tibetan Yak and Rice Thai restaurant, a little further and you hit all the Indian places around 74th St. Bombay Harbor may be the most accessible. There's a decent Vietnamese, Pho Binh, ok for simple stuff, nearby is Malaysia Rasa Sayang. Much further than that and you're detouring pretty far from the highway, IMO.

        If you go left on Roosevelt, you will pass a cluster of Philipino places, also El Sitio and Izalco and a couple of other Latino places of various nationalities, though if I had gotten that far from the BQE I think I would just head over to Sripraphai, which is just a few steps off Roosevelt (bear right at Gleason's Paints - 65th St - onto 39th Ave.) It's closed Wednesdays, fyi.

        If you do decide to exit at Roosevelt, when you get to the intersection take a quick look straight ahead before turning left or right. Directly across the street is the entrance where you will get back on the highway. IMO it's poorly marked and easy to miss unless you're looking for it.

        1. re: Helen F

          Thanks. Yes, on days when I'm picking up chow, I do take the BQE to the Grand Central, then to Whitesone and finally to LIE. Sometimes it's actually faster than the LIE direct. Is parking easier at Mina? Seems like that would be West off the BQE at Queens Boulevard.

          1. re: sbp
            Sunnyside Rover

            Actually...if you're coming from Brooklyn, your best bet would be to take the 48th Street exit off the BQE. As you're driving over the Kosciuszko Bridge (from Brooklyn into Queens) stay over in the far right lanes, under the signs for the LIE. Just after the highway splits, there will be an exit on your right for 48th Street. The exit ramp will merge onto a city street (not sure which), stay in the left lane. Take a left at the first light, 48th Street. Continue up 48th Street several blocks until you reach 47th Avenue (this is one block before Queens Blvd., which you'll be able to identify from the elevated tracks of the 7-train running above it). Turn left on 47th Avenue (48th Street does not go through Queens Blvd). Go one block and turn right on 47th Street (I know...Queens is very confusing with same-numbered streets and avenues). Take 47th Street for two blocks, passing the angled Greenpoint Avenue and Queens Boulevard. Take a right at the first street after QB, 43rd Avenue. Mina will be on your left, just past 48th Street.

            If you have trouble parking near Mina, either try the muncipal parking lot below the 7-train on Queens Blvd. or underneath the LIRR tracks on 48th Street, just past 39th Avenue (two blocks north of 43rd Avenue), where there's almost always available non-metered street parking.

            Hope you enjoy Mina! I had take-out from there on Wednesday with enough to last for left-overs last night. Scrum-diddily-icious!


      2. re: Mike R.

        Or for Indian/Bangladeshi go to Mina's 48-11 43rd Avenue just off the 48th St. exit of the BQE. Just expect to wait a while for the food to be prepared.

        1. re: Mike R.

          i detour off the BQE all the time to pick up takeout at sripraphai and parking has never been a problem. nine times out of ten, i can get a meter right in front. i would estimate that it's about two minutes from the exit to sri.

          if you like the takeout there, you can speed things up by doing what i do--keep a takeout menu in your glove compartment and call in your order ahead of time. it really shortens the whole process.