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Oct 27, 2003 12:37 PM

Cocotte Brunch

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I live in Fort Greene and am a big fan of Lou Lou...I've been meaning to try Cocotte for a while, and was luckily convinced it was worth the trip after meeting the chef and trying the beet salad with pumpkin seed and goat cheese at Brooklyn Eats last week. We've been talking about trying dinner there, but happened to be in the area Saturday at noon, so we decided to try brunch. I'm not a huge fan of brunch usually, so I never expect much, but I really enjoyed everything!

For starters, the place is really nice and cozy and was surprisingly empty, with only 2 or 3 other tables sat when we got there. I have to admit it was a nice change from the usually crazy brunch crowds in NY. During the time we were there a few families with children arrived, which I never mind, but some people are really turned off by that so I though it was worth mentioning.

They have a really nice bread basket on the table that had a few pastry type breads as well as a nut (and date?) bread. All were really nice. I ordered one of their loose teas which was really good, and served in its own pot.

I was torn about what to eat, as they had a butternut squash soup as a special, it's one of my favorites, but I was in a breakfast mood, so I skipped it. I hope it's a regular special this time of year though, as I'm looking forward to trying it.
Instead, I got the "white omelet" was an egg white omelet stuffed with cured salmon and cream cheese, with chives on top and a huge side of perfect home fries (they were seasoned really well, with a bit of onion and red pepper, and not at all soggy...a little crispy without being over cooked, just how I like them!)
My friend had the crepe with spiced apples inside, it was really awesome....nice and light! On the sweet side, but not so sweet that it felt like eating dessert.

The menu had a lot of great things, including a bourbon broiche french toast, omelets, a few was hard to choose!

The service, while friendly, was a little slow and the 2 servers didn't seem to communicate (we had one server tell us she'd bring us more drinks, only to have the other ask if we needed drinks one minute later). Since it was brunch though, which I never feel like rushing I didn't care so much.

I'll definitely return and can't wait to try dinner.

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  1. I have gone to Cocotte for brunch and dinner several times. I had dinner there this Saturday night, and the service like you said was extremely slow. I never experienced this at Cocotte before. The place was very crowded, the food was very good.

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      True about the service but they have some of the best fried potatoes I've ever had :-)

    2. Approximately how much does the brunch cost per person?

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      1. re: umi

        Brunch for 2 of us was about $32 (with tax and tip)
        This was for 2 meals and 2 cups of tea.

      2. I had one amazingly delicious meal here, but since then (a few visits) the service & the food has been uneven. Last visit, I waited over an hour & 1/2 to be served (and we had arrived before it was crowded), while others who had come in after me had dinner in front of them. The owner came over more twice to tell me that "they are plating your food now" but those plates never materialized. The waitress was nice when she appeared, but she appeared rarely and didn't seem to know what was taking so long. Finally, we got up to pay for our drinks and go.
        I would not recommend a visit.

        1. Cocotte needs to get their brunch act together! My friend, who is diabetic asked for sweet and low from the waitress twice and never got it. Eventually he gave up. I found it to be a bit overpriced and the portions small. There was only one waitress for brunch, who looked completely flustered. Another friend brunching with me only got cutlery once her meal was cold. Also we never got any refills on water. And had to ask for it the first time. Most brunch places offer free coffee, tea, oj, or a cocktail with the price of the meal, but not cocotte. I'll never go there again.

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          1. re: Emmagram

            i cant believe i actually went to cocette for brunch in october. i havent been in 2 years or so and it got much worse. the service was comically bad. no one knew where to seat anyone. i ran through 4 (!) glasses before i found one that was clean.

            food? it was boring and weak. i have no interest in this place whatsoever.

            1. re: sam1

              I used to be a big fan of Cocotte back in the day. Even the night that the bartender seemingly went berserk due to relationship troubles (or something) and was fired during dinner service -- after which she started taking the paintings, which were apparently her boyfriend's work -- off the walls -- DURING DINNER SERVICE -- was a good time (and not just for the floor show).

              But the last time we went -- must be about 9 months back, the place had changed. Emmanual, the old manager was gone, as was our favorite waiter. The place just felt palpably different. The service was off, the food not up to par (although not bad), and the whole experience just felt a bit off.

              We haven't been back since, and based on what I'm reading here, it doesn't sound like I'll be back anytime soon.

              Tis a shame, because i used to really like this place.

              1. re: elecsheep9

                I agree that Cocotte has gone downhill. I won't add to the pile of complaints here.... But I wanted to ask you chowhounds which of the many French places in Park Slope (Canaille, AOC Bistro, Belleville, Cafe Moutarde, etc.) do you think is the best at this point. I think Belleville has gone way downhill too, and I was not impressed with AOC. Have never been to Canaille. Haven't been to Cafe Moutarde in years - should I give it another shot??

                1. re: parkslopemama

                  i dont go to any of them anymore frankly. belleville is not the same and moutarde hasnt been good in years. to be honest, ive been dining less and less out in the slope the last few months. taro, tempo's prix fixe, and al di la are the only regulars...also applewood now that the winter is here.

                  a few months back we were debating what the slope restaurant scene would look like going forward...personally, im pretty bored and apathetic lately.

                  1. re: sam1

                    we went last saturday for brunch. as close to useless as they come. advertising bottomless mimosas doesn't mean stopping by twice for refills. my frittata(a cold omelette) was basic, and i'm glad i got 4-5 small (cold)potatoes pieces to go along with it. useless.

                  2. re: parkslopemama

                    I've been to AOC twice, and while I liked it both times, I don't feel compelled to go there. I find the food to be quite oversalted and the whole experience is just fairly average...not bad, but not especially good.

                    I've not been to Canaille, although based on what I've heard, am curious to try.

                    The big surprise for me was revisiting Moutarde for the first time in about 3 years a few months back. They had revamped their menu (sadly the mussels with chorizo in parmsean basket is still gone, but what can you do?) and the service and food were quite good. Definitely an improvement from years back.

                2. re: sam1

                  We are not Cocotte fans either. We tried it a couple of times some years ago, since we used to like LouLou.
                  Veeery slow service and very so-so food at Cocotte. The chairs were extremely uncomfortable. We have not been back.