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Oct 20, 2003 01:14 PM

Atlantic/Court Yemeni food?

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Can anyone recommend one of the Yemeni restaurants in this area? From searching the board, Luncheonette 145 on Court and Yemen Cafe get high praises (save for Luncheonette when dealing w/ women and the patrons). However, these posts seem to be over two years old and I was wondering if anyone had any recent experiance with these places.

Also, the restaurant underneath the Yemen Cafe (or Yemenite Cafe) - maybe something like Green Paradise or Green Village, has been mentioned but not reviewed. Has anyone been there?

And are there dished in Yemeni cuisine that really stand out? (It seems to be all about lamb on the bone.)

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  1. I have only been to the one place on the east side of Court Street just below Atlantic, don't know if it has a arabic it says "restaurant". It's very much for Yemenis, no menu that I have ever seen, and mostly men hang out there and drink tea. The upside is that the food is wonderful and hearty; if you have a sense of humor and aren't self-conscious just go in and ask them what they have. It is like you say thoughy that it's most lamb on the bone and some cooked veggies and rice. That's pretty much all I have had there, but I also didn't ask what else there was (I'm kinda shy and besides I went in there with my arabic-speaking husband who knew one of the waiters).

    Please post and tell us what you liked and didn't like.

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      Anyone remember ALMONTASER?, why did they close?

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        No but I sure do miss King Eat---well not the restaurant....never ate there....but the sign warmed my heart.

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          doesnt the Almontaser family own Moroccan Star? Im not sure now but they did at one time. As I recall their claim to fame in earlier times is that their main chef had had some french training, and they had a few euro style chicken-with-apricot type of dishes. We used to go to their restaurant on Court St. (long gone) where these dishes were served but never sampled by us many years ago.

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            hello from the almontaser family. thanks for asking about the restaurants. as you well know, if you have ate there, the businesses were started by immigrants from yemen (our parents). the names were near east, almontaser, adnan rest., taiz rest.the new near east, mareb rest. and moroccan star. as we grew up (the children) our parents wanted us to take over the business but we pursued higher education and professional careers and eventually our parents retired and cook those special meals when we (the children and grand children) come over and visit.
            so in a nutshell thats the story.
            our parents miss it very much, many years and many friends. thank you.
            p.s. morrocan star on atlantic ave. is still open..enjoy

        2. I was at Luncheonette in May and again more recently a week ago.

          The first time I went I tried to order a few dishes, but the guy taking my order advised me that one would be plenty, and he was pretty right about that. I don't remember all the details about the food except that dinner came with a light, unexpectedly complex, delightful lamb-based consomme. Dinner itself was stewy, and though very good it had a white, frothy very bitter substance on top which was too bitter for me. I guess it's an acquired taste and I'd like to go back and try it again some time. I was given a generously large bag of Damascus pita -- far more than enough to accompany my meal. Some of the other diners appeared to be eating fresh pita, which can probably be ordered separately. I came away well-sated, as promised.

          On my more recent visit, I ordered eggs with some kind of bean for breakfast. The beans were very soft and plentiful, and cooked into the eggs, so the texture was more beany than eggy. It was flavored with tomato, onion and spices, simple but tasty, and very filling. It also came with a large bag of pita.

          I never had any problems with the service, despite being non-Arabic and a woman. I was there on my own both times and I was treated courteously, warmly and with a bit of curiosity, both by the restaurant as well as some of the other patrons (accurately observed by another poster as consisting mostly of men).