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Sep 24, 2003 01:14 PM

Jury Duty by the Federal courthouses in Brooklyn

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UGH!!! I have been called in for jury duty over there.

Not too sure how it works and if one can even get away for lunch - but does anyone have good recommendations for lunch spots around the courthouses at Cadman Plaza.

Any type of good/quick food suggestions would be highly appreciated for this area. Thanks

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  1. A quick walk will take you to sahadi's on atlantic avenue. they make wonderful prepared middle eastern food and it's very reasonable and healthy.

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    1. re: josh L
      suzanne camhi

      As well as Sahadi- Waterfalls on Atlantic ave between Clinton and Henry had great falafel, hummus sharwama, smoky baba etc...

    2. You can get away for lunch and what I enjoyed most during my recent tenure as a Grand Juror was to either bring a sandwich (or buy one) and walk over to the promenade to eat it. It's a five minute walk down Mantague Street. I like the deli a couple blocks down Montague from the courthouse (on the left). I forget its name - it has a name with an "&" in the middle. Maybe someone can jump in and help.

      The options on Court Street are rather grim. You can always go to Atlantic for middle eastern food, but your hour will diappear quickly.

      Bring a book!!!

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      1. re: Zephyr
        Peter in the Heights

        The name of the place you like is "Lassen & Hennigs". It's between Henry and Hicks on the left as you walk toward the river. A green awning. Best sandwiches on Montague Street and friendly staff.

        Another decent option is the salads or mix & match pastas at "Monty Q's". It's also on the left as you walk towards the river, but just after Clinton St.

        Other than that, the lunch offerings of Montague St. and the Heights in general that will fit your location and time constraints are pretty grim. I suggest brown bagging it and eating as you stroll the streets of brownstones or as you sit on the promenade.


        1. re: Peter in the Heights

          Monte's has a square slice of pizza with no cheese, just a fresh tomato sauce--that is pretty tasty.

        2. re: Zephyr

          Lassen & Hennig is the name of the place. Definitely the choice of most of the "locals".

        3. You can also get nice sandwiches at Garden of Eden on Montague Street and then take it down to the promenade.

          1. I'm just finishing up 2 weeks of grand jury duty hell. The only thing that has helped is walking to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory every day. The 15 minute walk each way burns off all the calories.

            1. Teresa's is a Polish restaurant on Montague and either Hicks or Henry. It's on the left side of the street when walking from the courthouses toward the Promenade. It's inexpensive and has terrific soups. Service is pretty efficient, so you might actually have a few minutes after lunch for the Promenade.