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Sep 5, 2003 10:38 AM

Rosario's in Astoria

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Is this place any good? It's on 31st, right under the el. It looked nice from the outside.

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  1. It's good if you live in the neighborhood. They have things that Trade Fair, Best Yet and the other store don't. Like European butter, for example. The meats are good, too. Solid, but not worth a special trip.

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    1. re: Scott

      I'd say it's better than that -- worth a trip. Great cheeses, sausages, etc., and lots of good (albeit expensive) imported items. I'm a big fan.

    2. You should definitely check this gem.

      I love Rosario's fresh made (still warm) mozzarella you find near cashier. Also, great home made Italian sausages and Lasagna. They always have the best Prosiutto di Parma and many great cheeses. Price is Queens price. Usually cheaper than Manhattan Gourmet delicatessens.

      You can also buy the greatest (New York magazine said that too) pasta in NYC by nearby Cassinelli's for the same price you pay at the Cassinelli's.

      Rosario is a Gourmet genius. He always find delicious stuff and also makes delicious food.


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        sandra separto

        hello Billy, it is good, but the people that work there are extremely rude and because of that i have stopped going there or buying anything from them. You cannot ask questions, you are not allowed to think what you want, terrible terrible people!