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Sep 1, 2003 06:50 PM

Thai Food in Sunnyside?

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Has anyone found good Thai in Sunnyside?

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  1. You might as well take the 7 train a couple of stops to Sripraphai (restaurant is between 61st and 69th street stops).

    I don't know of any Thai in Sunnyside.

    1. There is a newish one called Grey Point, Greenpoint Avenue & 42nd or 43rd, south side of the street next to the corner pharmacy. There have been a few posts on this board about it.

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      1. re: K. McB.

        I tried Greypoint a month or so ago, and it was a pleasant little place with stuffed chairs in front and a line of tables along the wall. I had chicken sate and some sort of salad and they were both good, not earth-shattering but fine. Then I had the mango-coconut sticky rice and it was luscious. I have never managed to get it a Sripraphai, and this was better than others I have had.

      2. I am reprising this question. Last night, my boyfriend and I ate The Worst Thai food I've ever had--from the ironically titled Tasty Thai. Is there non-ironic tasty Thai in Sunnyside. I know whe can always head to Woodside for Sripraphai but sometimes a girl wants to order in . . .

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        1. re: cobbler

          I second that Tasty Thai jeer. Awful, just terrible food made for non-Thais. Amazing it's still around. I've heard much about Chai Thai in Elmhurst, which is a hike though from Sunnyside.

          1. re: pinkylechat

            I AM THAI on 43rd Avenue bet 49th & 50th Sts has opened with promise. Real Thai people behind the counter! Having visited Thailand this year (finally!) my family was desperate for the real deal in Queens. Siri has been disappointing lately, so this is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

              1. re: chinatownmike

                Yes--I agree. We've been really happy with the food we've ordered from *I am Thai*, especially the Siam rolls, the Panang Curry, and the Spicy noodles. They also serve a simple, delicious ginger soup that I highly recommend. The Pad Thai was not good when I had it, but I may try again since everything else has been so tasty.

                Also: they're really nice when they answer the phone!

                1. re: cobbler

                  agree. that ginger soup is delish and loaded with tofu. prices are more than reasonable and everything i had was generously spiced (papaya salad was just as spicy as srip's. suffered from a bit too much garlic, but it didn't bother me as much as it probably bothered those i came in contact with that day.
                  it's a great addition to the nabe. especially on wednesday's!

              2. re: pinkylechat

                Actually it's like 15 minutes on the 7...

              3. re: cobbler

                I've actually had pretty decent food from Tasty Thai, although not recently. The owner is Thai - she also owns the Diamond Laundry on 45th and QB. I've never ordered anything really esoteric from there, though - just your basic coconut curries, which were fine. Maybe the quality is slipping though - it's been at least a year since I've ordered.

              4. Why not take the below suggestions via the 7. You're 15 minutes away from the 3 best Thai restaurants on the East Coast of the US. Srip, Zabb Thai and Chao Thai. I prefer Chao Thai for some odd reason.

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                1. re: JFores

                  Because "I Am Thai" delivers quickly!!!!

                  I agree that Srip, Zabb Thai and Chao Thai are better, but after a long day its nice having a decent meal delivered quickly.

                  1. re: chinatownmike

                    I Am Thai has been getting better and better in my opinion. In some dishes, I prefer I Am Thai to Srip. I adore that Bangkok Rice Soup, for instance. Just a healthy, satisfying treat. It's more casual food than Sri, and usually Sri is better, but I live really close to I Am, and they do deliver.

                    1. re: Monkey Man Jake

                      run, don't want to dee thai on QB.

                      dee thai for eat in and i am thai for delivery. that's what i say.

                2. The original comment has been removed