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Aug 7, 2003 12:42 PM

Any suggestions on what to order at the River Cafe????

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My boyfriend's boss is taking us to the River Cafe tomorrow night, anything that stands out on the menu?
Thanx in advance.

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  1. Sorry, it's been a few years since I went but I'd love to hear how the meal was. Give us an update.

    1. Sorry, it's been a few years since I went but I'd love to hear how the meal was. Give us an update.

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        I will post an update next week since I don't have computer access at home...I know I am living in the stone ages.

      2. We went to River Cafe Friday night and what I was led to believe was a business dinner turned out to be a set-up by the boyfriend. We were never to meet the boss, he set me up to believe that but the real reason for the evening was a proposal. So between dinner and dessert, he popped the question....but I digress from the reason I am posting. So here is my review of the River Cafe:

        The view is absolutely beautiful and the restaurant has a romantic feel, dimly lit with flowers on the table. As far as the food is concerned, I found it to be OK. I ordered potato gnocchi with roasted pork. The pork was very tasty, however I didn't care for the gnocchi; I thought they were too doughy. The boyfriend tried them thought they were good and had a nice potato flavor. I don't know, maybe I am not a fan of gnocchi, but I didn't care for them. He ordered oysters which were deep-fried and wrapped in smoked salmon and topped with Caviar. I didn't try them as I don't like oysters but he said it was good with an interesting mix of flavors.

        For the main course, which in my opinion came out too quickly after the appetizers (a big pet peeve of mine), he ordered lamb and I ordered the sea bass with an artichoke vinegarette, roasted tomatoes and artichoke ravioli. Again, I wasn't overly impressed with my dinner. It didn't have much flavor. I did try his lamb which was cooked perfectly, however, I also thought this was bland and lacking flavor. The lamb was served over three or four thinly sliced fried potatoes, no sauce or au jus.

        I was hoping that the Brooklyn Bridge dessert would make up for the first two courses but the boyfriend popped the question and I was too excited to eat after that. I did have a couple bites of the cake and from what I can remember at that point I thought it was good.

        Overall, I would give the food a C+ and the atmosphere an A. The bottom line, go for the view only, with a low expectation on the food and you won't be disappointed.

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          Caitlin McGrath

          Well, food be damned - in this case it was all about the atmosphere. Thanks for the review and congratulations!

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            Yes - utter congratulations! And your opinion of the place virtually mirrors mine - go for the view (it's a great place to have a before or after-dinner drink) - and skip the food.

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              I'm surprised at people's reactions to the food - I went with my boyfriend's work and found the food to be incredible... Steak with heavenly mashed potatoes, a chocolate explosion of a dessert, and a simple warm goat cheese salad to start. Combined with the wine and amazing view, I loved it!

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                My experiences with the food there would have gotten it a B to B+ (the ambience is A+++... admittedly, I'm a sucker for everything about the place: the view, the flower arrangements, the lighting, the live piano music), depending on how you factor in their price point. My advice these days is to get the tasting menu. It's a little more $ but they'll work with you and you can avoid possibly not liking the one or two things you'd get by ordering traditionally. Both can even choose different items for one or two of the courses...they roll their eyes, but they'll do it... they're incredibly accomodating, even if they practice being a bit overly formal..., giving you a great chance of hitting items you'll really like. The entree sizes are too large (is this me saying "too large?!") so the tasting portions are reasonable. Half bottles are good there as well and you can play a little with whites and reds that way.

                And, congratulations HippiRep! (should I ask about this pen name?)

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              How was the service. I heard that it could be a little haughty. PS Did you accept?